Jawahar Hill Station


Khandala, set at a height of 625 mt, located on the westerKhandala Hill Station,Khandala turns slopes of the Sahyadri mountain range is a hill station in Maharashtra. Fascinating panoramic beauty adorns this place.Although it is comparatively small as compare to lonavala but it is equally blessed with natural beauty and bounty. Deep valley on one side and high hills on the other side divide Khandala and Lonavala. Luckily, modern industrialisation has not adversely affected Khandala. Whenever a tourist visits Lonavala he also wishes to visit Khandala. While travelling on Mumbai Bangalore National Highway, one has to cross the arduous Khopoli - Khandala Ghat. This is the famous Borghat. In a short distance of 8 Kms one has to climb a height of 369 meters. This is a difficult Ghat to climb. But once you reach here, you feel that this climb has been worth the trouble. Khandala is One place where you will fall in love at First Site. Lonavala and Khandala are full of tourist practically for the whole year. Main reasons for this is the fact that it is very close to Mumbai.

A beautiful hill station that captures your heart with its scenic beauty. It is situated in the Sahyadri Mountain Range and lies along the Mumbai-Pune highway and serves as a convenient stop-over for those travelling between Pune and Mumbai. It is also a hassle-free weekend get-away for those living in Pune or Mumbai. Khandala is the smaller and quieter of its counterpart, Lonavala. Khandala is endowed with abundant natural beauty.An hour's comfy and pleasant drive on the Pune – Mumbai highway would fetch you to the twin hill station of Lonawala and Khandala. Both the places have scenic water falls, health resorts, yoga centers, trekking routes and pleasant getaways. The beauty of these hill stations has been now marred with unplanned construction activities. The place which offered a solace to the bruised minds and tired heels is today a realtors' paradise.

Location info:

Address:Situated 101 km southeast of Mumbai and 69 km from Pune, the hill resort is 5 km from Lonavala.
District: Lonavala.
Nearest City: Lonavala.
Best time to visit:October and May


The temperature in Jawhar stays between 25°C to 30° C.


The origin of Khandala is shrouded in obscurity. The hill resort formed part of the territory of the great Maratha leader Chattrapati Shivaji, who is credited with organizing the Maratha into a military power. Later it came under the rule of the Peshwa, during whole reign Maratha power reached its zenith. Khandala was taken by the British from the hands of the Peshwas who subsequently lost power to the British.

Interesting things to do:

Trekking and hiking in Peru will be and unforgettable experience.Khandala is a paradise for adventure tourists. Here you can indulge in adventure sports like trekking and hiking. It will be an unforgettable experience. The Karla hills and the popular Duke's Nose peak are the ideal places to indulge in rock climbing.

Khandala is well known for the fast foods such as Chikkis, Jams, Chiwda, Wafers and various types of Sevs.

Interesting things to Visit:

Jai Vilas Palace: Jawhar was a princely state during the British rule. It was ruled by the Munke family. Tourists can visit Jai Vilas, the Palace of the tribal lords that offers an exclusive opportunity to depict and enlighten with the tribal way of life.

Normally not open to the public but if one pesters the caretaker he generally obliges to show the massive palace with 80 rooms.

Bhupatgad: The Relics of Bhupatgad, a small fort are also worth a visit.

Waterfalls: Tinted in different shades of green, the place is vibrant and is abuzz with abundant waterfalls. The thundering gush of Dadar-Kopra Falls is a splendid sight. Situated on the way to Jawhar, six kilometers from Vikaramghad (25 kilometers before Jawahar) is another picnic spot with a major fall in the region is Palusa. A horse shoe cascade dropping down more than 30 feet into a vast pool surrounded by hills is a marvelous veil for water babies.

Hanuman Point
Just adjacent to Jawahar bus depot and close to jai villas Palace is Hanuman Point. Apart from a temple dedicated to the Bajrangbali, this place allows one to get a good view of the valley below, From a particular angle you can see the domes of Jai Villas Palace silhouetted against the misty hills, giving it an almost ethereal appearance.

Just outside Jawahar on the Nasik road, is where the great Maratha Shivaji camped on his way to Surat. There is a red welcome arch and a commemorative plaque describing Shivaji's halt at this place. It is the natural beauty that makes you want to linger here. From the top of the podium, the view is riveting and the air divinely fresh. Far in the distance you can also spot a lake.

Sunset Point
Is a spot 5-mins drive from the hotel Raj Mahal. From this vantage point you see a waterfall charging down a hill, dancing its way to the valley below. Close to the time of sundown a short but spectacular drama unfolds here.

Warli Art
The Warli tribe is now internationally famous for its enormously lively paintings, depicting everyday scenes of village life. Warli paintings, traditionally made of rice paste, adorn many an adivasi hut in Jawahar.

Coin Museum
This museum is famous for its collection of coins and currency.
You will find a number of different types of coins in this museum. The collection was made by the State govt. There is a huge collection of coins starting from Hones which were
used 450 yrs. back and which are made of Copper. There are few coins of Gold and Silver also. You will also find the currencies of other nations here .


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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Three convenient railheads are Nashik, Igatpuri and Dahanu.
Nearest Airport: Nashik is the nearest airport
Road Transport:Mumbai it is 180 kms. away by road; from Nasik 80 kms

Nearest Visiting places:

Besides the falls, there region is also known for its historical importance. Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj camped at Shirpamal near Jawahar on his way to Surat. The Morkhud Dam near Vikaramghad and Jai Sagar Lake at Jawahar are a hit with revelers.In normal weather Hanuman Point and Sunset Point offer a panoramic view of valleys. Other places of tourist interest are Jayasagar Dam, Surya Dam, Kohoj Hill fort, Peshwa temple (about 18km from Vikramghad) and Mahalaxmi temple.

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Accommodation is never a problem here. There are hotels at Jawahar to take care of your needs.

Sunset Point Resort

Things to carry:

Carrying water is essential.Carry camera too so that u can take photos of beautiful place.

Tips & Suggestions:

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:At the Nearest city and at the Hill station.
Society/Community Phone Number