Pench National Park


The Pench National Park on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra has been known through the ages for its rich flora and fauna.A total of 758 Sq. kms of this Southern Indian tropical moist deciduous forest has its extent mingling with the tropical dry deciduous teak. The area is crisscrossed by a number of streams and 'nallahs' most of which are seasonal. Though the Pench River dries up in April end, a number of water pools locally known as 'dohs' are found which serve as water holes for the wild animals. The Pench Reservoir at the center of the park is the only major water source during the pinch period.

In Pench National Park, Cheetal, Sambar, nilgai are commonly seen grazing on the open sites on roadsides and banks of river & reservoir. Jackals can be seen in search of food anywhere in the Park. Packs up to 15 of wild dog can be seen near Chhedia, Jamtara, Bodanala and Pyorthadi areas of the Reserve. Herds of gaur can be spotted near streams and bamboo patches commonly in summer months. Sloth beer occupy hilly, rocky out crops and favour mahul bel infested forest. Chnkara is present in very small numbers and is found in open areas around Turia, Telia and Dudhgaon villages.

Langoors are very common in Pench, whereas the Rhesus monkeys may be seen occasionally on the fringes. Pench boasts of, more than 210 species of birds that include several migratory ones also. Commonly seen are Peafowl, Red jungle fowl, Crow pheasant, Crimson breasted barbet, Redvented bulbul, Racket tailed drongo, Magpie robin and lesser whistling teal.


Location info:

Address:Seoni District of Southern Madhya Pradesh.Maharashtra.
District: Seoni
Nearest City: Nagpur
Best time to visit: March to June


October to January- Cold 16* to 3* C
February to March- Cool 16* C to 26* C
April to June- 26* to 42* C


Pench National Park, nestling in the lower southern reaches of the Satpura hills is named after Pench river which flows from north to south through the Pench National Park. It is located on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh. Pench was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1983, though it had been declared a notified area in 1972. Today, the park is the 19th Tiger Reserve in the country and takes pride in its tigers and other wildlife. The total area under the Pench Tiger Reserve comes to about 758 km, out of which a core area of 299 sq km is the National Park and 464 km the buffer area.

Interesting things to do:

Situated at a distance of just 18 km from Pench’s Turia gate, is the tiny, spotless Pachdhar Village. Outside practically every home, potters sit at their wheels shaping glorious art from lumps of clay. Watch them work their fascinating craft, and take a piece of it home.

There are also a cluster of villages around the park where you can get a glimpse of the local culture and customs of the Gond tribe

Interesting things to Visit:

This spot is arguably the prettiest location in all of Pench National Park.As the winding track comes to a dead end, it brings you to the bank of the river Pench dotted with rocks and artistic looking trees. In the summer months, bushes with white flowers run all along the bank. To see these flowers in full bloom, it is a must to visit the spot in the morning hours, as they close by early evening.The evening has a charm of its own here with the light of the low sun painting an amazing scenery with contrasting shadows and highlights. It is a good spot for bird lovers. Make sure you have your binoculars with you.

The Alikatta area appears to be the hub around which the park is planned. All tracks seem to wind their way in different directions only to all end at Alikatta. It is a fascinating expanse of grassland (when it isn't submerged under water!), where it is possible to come across any of the animals found in the park. It is one of the few places left in the country where every evening one gets to see the amazing spectacle of grazing herds consisting of thousands of spotted deer. Where there are deer, there will be predators. So keep your eyes open here. It is also the location from where the elephant rides commence.

Bodhanala range:
This area is worth seeing for its variety of topography. It goes from slopy hills, to bamboo forest, to a large pond close to the edge of the park. The small reservoir is an excellent location to spot water birds. Your jeep driver will most probably stop here to check with the outpost for news of tiger sightings, giving you a good opportunity to stretch those legs and to do some duck and cormorant sighting.

Raiyakassa : This is the location of a watchtower built by the park authorities. The roof of this cement watchtower provides and excellent view of the river pench. The park authorities also offer visitors the choice of spending a night at this watchtower. The facilities are extremely basic but any night spent on that roof will be embedded in the visitor's memory forever for sure. It is quite common to spot Bison coming down to the river here. On occasions, a tiger too has been spotted from this spot.

Doob Road : This track running close to the edge of the water bodies is an excellent area for spotting all varieties of animals. After the monsoon season however, most of it is submerged until the water levels once again recede. During the rest of the year, it is quite common to come across huge herds of deer and bison, while driving along this track. Leopards have also been seen in this area.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station: Seoni Railway Station which is only 30 kms away from Pench National Park.
Nearest Airport: Sonegaon Airport, Nagpur is 93 km from Pench National Park.
Road Transport: Nearest bus stand is at Seoni from where one can take buses or jeeps to the Pench National Park. Seoni is connected to almost all the places in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra by good road and rail networks.

Nearest Visiting places:

1.Bandhavgarh National Park.
2.Kanha National Park.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Available in Seoni.


The Pench Jungle Camp provides canvas tents and A/c rooms.The Jungle Camp also offers facilities like billiards room, badminton courts, wildlife research centre and a multi cuisine restaurant. The other accommodation facility is Bagh Van Lodge located just five minutes away from the entrance of the Pench National Park. It has cottage-type accommodation and also has a main dining and lounge area.

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Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station: 100or 480661-20955

Nearest Hospital:

1.Jathar Hosptial,Seoni.
2.Indira Gandhi City Hospital, Seoni.

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