Poisar River


Poisar River is a river in Mumbai, India. It begins in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and empties into the Marve Creek and finally into the Arabian Sea. The river is nothing more than a mere stream when it begins and is contaminated with industrial effluents and sewage. There was a time when the water was clean and the people used to use it for household purposes. In Mumbai, during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, the statue of the Lord Ganpati (Hindu Religion) , was drowned in this river too. Nowadays, it is not done, since the river is dirty.

Location info:

Address: Mumbai,India
District: Mumbai Suburban District.
Nearest City:Mumbai.
Best time to visit:October to June.


Pleasant during winter and hot during summer.


Interesting things to do:

A small section of the park is open to the public. A mini zoo was also created so that visitors can view the animals from afar. A safari also guides and educates visitors on the natural habitats of these animals. A toy train travels around the tourist zone showcasing parts of the rich biodiversity. Many visitors do also travel to the Kanheri Caves, especially on an auspicious day in August. Nature trails and treks are also popular with some leading you to the Highest Point trail, the highest point in the city, to take a panoramic view of the city.

If you are a roch climbing enthusiasts then this is the right place,there are many rock faces littered all around the National Park and the Kanheri Caves that offer a great opportunity for rock climbers.

Interesting things to Visit:

Malshej Ghat:

Malshej Ghat is an appealing tourist hotspot, some 150 km / 93 miles from the city of Mumbai, a three-hour drive by car. Many locals in Mumbai escape from the city at the weekend to visit the attractions of Malshej Ghat, which include a number of recreational activities, such as both hiking and trekking, suiting lovers of the great outdoors.

Elephanta Island:

Elephanta Island, which lies around 10 km / 6 miles to the east and is famous for its awesome rock-cut temples. One of the region's premier tourist attractions, the Elephanta Caves is believed to originate around 1,500 years ago.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station: Mumbai
Nearest Airport: Mumbai.
Road Transport: All kinds of private and public transport are available.It has good road facilities which makes it easily reachable.

Nearest Visiting places:

Gorai and Manori Beaches,59 km away:
Dotted with quaint villages on either side, the twin beaches of Manori and Gorai are located across the creek from Borivili or Malad. These beaches are generally safe to swim expect during the monsoons when it becomes dangerous due to strong underwater currents. These villages offer a peaceful retreat with plenty of dried fish, palm trees etc. Essel World, the amusement park is located in Gorai village.
Access: The nearest railway stations are Borivili or Malad from where the journey must be made by road and sea (Ferry). Also approachable by road via Bhayandar on Western Express Highway. Private shacks are available for stay.

Kanheri Caves,45 km away:
Situated in the heart of Mumbai's Sanjay Gandhi National Park- around 7km from the parks entrance, the complex contains 109 Buddhist caves. Carved out of natives rock, the caves that form the complex are believed to have been occupied by Buddhist monks for nearly a thousand years, starting 2nd century A.D., thus making them one of the oldest rock monasteries in the country. Caves No.1,2,3 are noteworthy for their massive pillars, sculptures and stupas.
Access : Located 45km east of Mumbai city, the caves are 10 km from the Borivili railway station.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Fort,61 km away:
Between Pen and Panvel lies the fort Karnala which is at a height of 445m above sea level. At the bottom of the fort is the famous Karnala bird sanctuary, located 61km south of Mumbai. About 150 species of birds have been spotted here, 30 of which are migratory. The rare Ashy Minivet, a native of the Philippines, has also been seen here. The best time to visit is from November to February.
Access: There are buses to Panvel from Mumbai. From there it is 10km through NH17 to Karnala.

Karla Caves,117 km away:
The Buddhist rock-cut Chaitya Hall of Karla dates to the 2nd century B.C. and is said to be the most perfect of its kind. An inscription at the entrance attributes its excavation to Bhutapal of Vaijayanti.
Access: The caves are located 15 km from Lonavla, which is 102 km south east of Mumbai on the Mumbai Pune Expressway. The caves are approached by a rough path of about 2km.from Malavli. Sedan chairs available.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Lots of bunks are available in the nearby town.


Hotel Krishna
Station Road,Behind Gurudwara, Sanjay Gandhi Chowk, Raipur, 492009

India Travel Toursim Hotels
Mangal Arambh Korakendra, S V Road Borivali (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092

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Police Station:100.

Nearest Hospital:

Wockhardt Brain & Spine Hospital
Mulund (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080

Asha Maternity & General Hospital
Pooja Building,Pushpa Park, Malad East, Mumbai, 400097

Wockhardt hospital
Mulund Goregaon Link Road,, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400078

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