Wardha River


The Wardha River is one of the biggest rivers in Vidarbha region in India. It originates in Satpura Range near Multai in Madhya Pradesh. It is a tributary of the Pranhita River, which ultimately flows into the Godavari River. Vena River , Bembala and Penganga River are the main tributary of Wardha River. A huge dam (Upper Wardha Dam) is built on Wardha river near Morshi and considered as lifeline for Amravati city and Morshi and Warud Talukas considered as Florida of India for its orange plantations. A dam on Bembala river under construction, to be considering a lifeline for part of Yavatmal Dist.

The Wardha River can be enjoyed at its best when it is flooded; it flows with the speed of 90 km/hr during floods. This is the river near Ballarshah and thus it is the main source of water for BILT and various other limited companies it is also a main source of water for the township here.

The main tributaries of the Wardha river are the Erai rises in the northern part of Warora tahsil and flows along due south over a length of 80 km. till it meets the Wardha just south of Chandrapur at Wardha village.

Wardha is a town of Maharashtra state. The town derives its name from the Wardha River that flows through it. It was founded in 1866 and now is an important trade centre for cotton. The place is more famous for Gandhiji’s Sevagram Ashram, now a national institute. It is just 8 km from the town.

Location info:

Address: Satpura range,Multai,Madhya Pradesh,India
District: Wardha
Nearest City: Wardha
Best time to visit: Nov to Feb


Typical tropical climate with hot and humid summers and pleasant winters. Monsoon in Madhya Pradesh lasts from June till September.


Interesting things to do:

Visit the Bor Wildlife Sanctuary is located at Hingni in Wardha, Maharashtra. It covers an area of 61.10 sq km. It includes 3,237 hectares of Reserve Forest, 2,213 hectares of Protected Forest, and 660 hectares of Unclassified Forest.Bor Wildlife Sanctuary is covered with southern mixed dry deciduous forest. Teak, ain, tendu and bamboo are the main species of flora in this sanctuary.Tigers, panthers, bisons, blue bulls, chitals, sambars, peacocks, barking deers, chinkara, monkeys, wild boars, bears and wild dogs are the important faunas of the sanctuary.

Interesting things to Visit:

Sevagram Ashram:
This Ashram was established by Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1933 and was named Sevagram which means “Village of Service”. Once it was the head quarter of the Indian National Movement where Gandhiji lived for over 14 years.You can see the spinning wheels and spectacles of Gandhiji which are on display. Opposite to the main entrance gate there is a collection of photos that depict the scenes from Gandhiji’s life. The entire environs are peaceful and quite.

Geetai Mandir:
This is the mandir where Vinoba's Gitai became perpetual. Vinoba Bhave translated the Bagwat Gita in the book Gitai. For this purpose number of polished stones are brought from different places and arranged vertically in shape of cow and 18 ?Shlokas' (sections) of the Gita are engraved on it. This temple is unlike to the general temple. It has no ceiling, no walls. Beside the mandir, permanent exhibition is arranged in Shanti Kuti in memory of Mahatma Gandhi and Jamnalal Bajaj.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa:
In 1935, Fuji Guruji from Japan came to Wardha and met Mahatma Gandhi. He put the wish to setup the Stups (Prayer place for of Budha Community) in India. Gandhi agreed his desire and then after Stanti Stups were built at eight different places in India. One of that Vishwa Shanti Stup is found in Wardha. This Stup is constructed with the help of Japan in 1995. On the Stup the architecture is available describing the history of Lord Goutam Budha.

Laxmi Narayan Temple:
This is a temple of God-goddesses Lord Vishnu and Laxmi. It is big temple built in the 1905. Inner side of the temple is constructed with marble. Late Jamnalal have opened the temple in 19th July 1928 for ?Harijans' (lower caste peoples). Near the temple a medical shop is opened free for poor people. Various books of Sansrit, Prakrit, and Ved, Upnishades, Bhagwat in Hindi languages are available in the temples library. A guest house of the truest is there near the Railway Station.

Paunar (Pravarpur) was the capital of Vakataka dynasty during the reign of King Pravarsena. The remains of the medieval fortification clearly shows the evidences of Vakataka art. The sculptures at Parandham Ashram belong to various period dating from Vakatakas to Kakatiyas dynasty i.e. 250 AD to 1200 AD. The sculptures of Ganga (Bhagirathi), Bharat-Bhet (Meeting of Rama and Bharat) and other numerous scupltures depicting the scense of Ramayana and Mahabharatas can be seen at Ashram. On left side of Wardha-Nagpur road, just at the end of Old bridge, there is a temple of Lord Vishnu. The iconographic representation of Lord Vishnu and Brahma is really a miracle. There is an another temple of Lord Hanuman (Monkey God) on the way to the Ashram. During the medieval period, it is a flourishing trade centre of Central India, commanded the trade with China.

There is a Varad Vinayak's (Lord Ganesh ) temple at Kelzer which is also known as one of the Ganesh temple from Ashtavinayaka in Vidarbha region. The Sculpture of Lord Ganesha is found in the past period of Arya. In the northern side of the temple there is a stepped well, though popularly believed that it was constructed by Bhima, a hero of Mahabharata, was constructed during the period of Vakataka dynasty. (250 AD to 500 AD).

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station: Wardha is an important railway station in Maharashtra. Chandrapur (174 kms) is another station nearby. There are regular trains from Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur to Wardha.
Nearest Airport: Nagpur (74 kms).
Road Transport: State highways and roads from the district headquarters at Wardha link all 8 tehsils (sub-districts) and major towns.Pune is 686 kms and Mumbai is 817 kms away from Wardha.

Nearest Visiting places:

1.Jamnalal Bajaj Research Institute
2.Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation
3.Dattapur Kushtadham
4.Gugarnal National Park
6.Ambadevi Temple

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Available in the Wardha town.


Kamat Hotels
7 Dhantoli, Wardha Road, Nagpur, 440012

Hotel Tuli International
Residency Road, Sadar,
Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

The Pride Hotel, Nagpur
Opp. Airport Wardha Road,
Nagpur, Maharashtra 440025

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Police Station: 100

Nearest Hospital:

Mure Memorial Hospital
Maharaja Bagh Road Sitabuldi,Main Road,
Sitabuildi, Nagpur, 440001

Shantimohan Hospital
Opposite Saraf Chamber, Mount Road, Sadar,
Nagpur, Maharashtra

Wockhardt Hospital
Plot 27,Corporation Colony,Near Gandhi Nagar,
Ambazari, Nagpur, 440010

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