Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary


Located in Shirpur Tehsil of Dhule District on the southwestern range of Satpura range, the Anerdam wildlife sanctuary is one of the most famous sanctuaries in Maharastra. The sanctuary has a border with yawal sanctuary and various other sanctuaries located in Madhya Pradesh. Known for its variety of flora and fauna, the Anerdam wildlife sanctuary is one of the richest sanctuaries in India.

India has been the home of wildlife for ages. The Anerdam wildlife sanctuary is one of the crowns in the rich heritage of wildlife in India. Populated with a variety of animals and vegetation, the Anerdam wildlife sanctuary proves itself to be the real tourist spot for the nature lovers. Surely, it is one of the best places for visit if one wants to have a glimpse of the nature at its very best.

“ O never harm the dreaming world,
the world of green, the world of leaves,
but let its million palms unfold
the adoration of the trees. “
- Kathleen Raine

The present stage of vegetation is degraded scrub forest with small patches of wooded land. The place is very rich natural vegetation cover and mostly comprises of scrub forests. Flora of this place includes common trees like Khair, Hiwar, Babul, Bel, Dhawda, Palas, Salaia, and Terminenalia species, etc. Common shrubs include Vitex Nigundo, Zizphus Helicteres Isora, Solanium Giganteum, Casia Auriculata and Lantna etc. Known locally as Kusal, Bhuri, Rosa, Kunda, Sheda and Kusali, etc. are common grasses.

The sanctuary was once very rich in wildlife, now it is trying to regain its previous status. Common animals found in this area are Barking Deer's, Chikaras, Hares, Porcupines and Jungle Cats. Monitor Lizard is the common reptile in this sanctuary. Among the migrant animals one can find over here are Hyenas, Jackals, Wolves and Wild boars. Common resident birds include Peafs, Qualis, Partridges, Egrets, Herons, Cormorants, Corts, Spot Bills, Eagle Hamers, and Owls etc. One can also see variety of birds, which migrate, to this area. Significant among them are Brahming Ducks, Cranes, Stokes and many Waders.


Location info:

Address:On Bombay-Agra National Highway in Shirpur Tehsil Of Dhule District.
District: Dhule
Nearest City: Dhule, Aurangabad
Best time to visit: The best Time to visit Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary is from November to February. The climate during this period remains predictable and comfortable.


The climate in Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary is rainy and on the higher side of humidity. The temperature varies from 20 C to 35 C. During May and September-October, there is a possibility of storm.

Interesting things to do:

One can also see various species of birds that comprises of both domestic as well as migratory birds. Some of the commonly seen birds are Egrets, Peafs, Herons, Corts, Eagles, Stokes, Waders, Owls, Brahming ducks, Cormorants, Qualis etc.

Interesting things to Visit:

Chief Attraction- Monitor Lizard.

Mobile range info:

Network coverage in Dhule circle

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railway station is the Dhule of Central Railway. It is located some 40 kilometers from Anerdam Wildlife sanctuary. One can also consider Nardona, 40-km on Western Railway and Chailsgaon, at 125-km on Mumbai-Bhusawal route.

Address & Phone Number: Station Code: DHI

Nearest Airport: Aurangabad Airport (or Chikkalthana Airport), Aurangabad is the nearest airport from Anerdam Wildlife sanctuary. The Aurangabad airport is located some 215 kilometers from the Anerdam Wildlife sanctuary.

Address & Phone Number: 91-240-485234

Road Transport: The nearest roadways to Anerdam Wildlife sanctuary are from the town ship of Shirpur. It is around 15 kilometers away. The nearest city is Dhule, whivh is 70 kms from the sanctuary.

Bus Depot Address & Phone Number: None

Anerdam Wildlife Sanctury Contacts & Suggestions:
Dy.Conservator of Forests(Wildlife) 10,Paripurti Building, Talak Nagar, Sawarkar Chowk, Aurangabad 431005
0240-331027(O), 480965(R)

Nearest Visiting places:

1. The only one gold refinery in ASIA, situated in the city of Shirpur, 15 kms from Anerdam Wildlife sanctuary.
2. Sarangkheda in Shahade tehsil, Dhule is known for lovely shrine of single faced Dattatreya situated on rising ground with its tall Shikhar overlooking the village, thus attracting the tourists .The idol of Datta is believed to have been brought from Mahur in Nanded district and is held in deep reverence.There is a fair held in honour of the deity on Margahsirsha Paurnima ,when over a lakh of people are attracted to this place. KalikaDevi fair at Taloda Taluka and Shahade are some other important fairs at Dhule.
3. Toranmal occupying the highest range of the Satpudas covering,Akrani Tehsil is a hill station and the only place of its kind attracting the tourists.It is nearly 144.84kms from Dhule the district headquarters.
4. NarayanPur - Remains of an ancient temple of Shiva, a place to vist in Nandurbar, 120 kms from the sanctuary.
5.Unapdev (25 km from Shāhāda, 120 kms from the Anerdam sanctuary) is a pleasant picnic point in Shahada, Maharashtra tahsil located near Dara Village. It has a permanent natural hot water source, which always flows even in a hot summer. Water flows from a structure in the shape of a cow's mouth. Unapdev is popular picnic spot and can be reached from Shahada by autorickshaw.
6.Toranmal is a village in the municipal council of the Nandurbar district,(47 km from Shāhāda, 142 kms from the Anerdam sanctuary) One can reach through Shahada. It is a hill station located in the Satpura Range. Its Gorakhnath Temple is the site of a Yatra attended by thousands of devotees on Mahashivratri. On that occasion pilgrims walk barefoot for days from surrounding areas in the Nandurbar district but also from Maharashtra,Madhya pradesh and Gujarat.


Nearest Petrol Pump:

Petal petrol pump, Shirpur, SRP Petrol Pump, Songir Petrol Pump and many other on NH3.


There is an Irrigation Bungalow situated at the dam site for accommodation. Other options include Forest Houses at Rohini and Chopada and a PWD Bungalow at Shirpur.
Hotel “Amarpreet Hotel” at the main city of Aurangabad, this popular 3-star hotel is easily accessible from the airport and the train and bus stations and is situated approximately 170kms from sanctuary.

Things to carry:

Carrying a tour guide book will work wonder. It will help you gaining heaps of information about the region, which will definitely add delight to your touring experience.
Equip yourself with all necessary amenities like trekking kit, cameras and binoculars.
Always put a personal first-aid-box in your bag.
And plenty of water.

Tips & Suggestions:

Wear loose fitting and simple clothes that blend with the sanctuary surroundings.

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:Cottage Hospital, (15 kms from sanctuary), Subhash Colony,Shirpur.
Society/Community Phone Number:0240-331027(O), 480965(R)