Dajipur Bison Sanctuary


Dajipur Bison Sanctuary,deriving its name from the Indian Bison found in abundance here, is a perfect locale for family picnics and gatherings. Located in the border of Kolhapur and Sindhudurg districts,dajipur Bison Sanctuary in
Maharashtra is replete with abundant flora and fauna; adding to its beauty is the Wild Bison, locally known as Gawa, is the regal head of the fauna family here. Situated at an altitude of approximately 1200 m above the sea level, the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary boasts of a landscape that is primarily craggy and mountainous. The area in which the sanctuary is situated stands dotted with dense, lush green forests. Human habitation is scarce here, although numerous tribal people are found in the adjacent villages. The backwaters of Radhanagiri dam provide an impressive cruising experience for a visitor. A comfortable stay is ensured once you come here; the village is sated with numerous places to stay. Trekking camps are a special attraction for the tourists; Dajipur Bison Sanctuary in Maharashtra is a must visit for every student of Botany, but for the ordinary people it is an absolute delight. The rich legacy of Indian culture becomes conspicuous through the heritage home of Gangagiri Maharaj’s Math, located nearby.

Flora & Fauna at Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary

The forests serve as the abode of a large number of wild animals, apart from Bison. These include Wild Deer, Chital,Antelopes, Bears, etc. For the bird lovers, there is no reason to worry. Dajipur Bison Wildlife Sanctuary provides
home to a wide variety of exotic birds also. The fact that adds to the picturesque beauty of the sanctuary is that it lies in a completely secluded environment, away from the interference and hustle-bustle of city life.Dajipur Bison Sanctuary is a natural home to the Wild Bison, Deer, Chital, Gawa and many more fantastic wild animals. You can also come across certain vibrant species of birds, found in abundance here.


Location info:

Address: Dajipur Bison Sanctuary is situated on the border shared by the Kolhapur and Sindhudurg districts of Maharashtra.
District: Kolhapur and Sindhudurg
Nearest City: Phonda, 20 kms
Best time to visit: Summers, March To June


The climate remains Precipitate, temperature ranges between 15 c to 35 c.

Interesting things to do:

The special trekking camp is more than just fun. It's an enlihtening excursions; a must for botanical students.The most popular activity is the guided trips inside the sanctuary to "Experience the night life of forest" and to watch the animals, conducted by the local forest department. Regular morning and evening safari rides take tourists into the forest.

Interesting things to Visit:

Gangagiri Maharaja's Math in the forest area can be a pleasant outing.

Mobile range info:

All major Network coverage present in Kolhapur and Sindhudurg and and around its Highway.

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station: Nearest railhead is Kolhapur on South Central railway.

Nearest Airport: Kolhapur is the nearest airport situated at a distance of 80-km from the sanctuary. (KLH) Kolhapur Airport
Kolhapur IN

Road Transport: Nearest bus station is Phonda at 20-km from the sanctuary. Radhanagari is also situated at a distance of 30-km from Dajipur sanctuary.

Dajipur Bison Sanctuary Contacts & Suggestions
Conservator of Forests (WL)1691/C, Ganji Galli, Bindu Chowk, Kolhapur-416002. Telephone. 07262-42334(O), 42356(R)

Nearest Visiting places:

Sindhudurg (about 100 kms from the sanctuary) is famous for it's natural beauty like Beaches, Backwater, Waterfalls and Pilgrimage centers. The major attraction here is the long and narrow stretch of beaches. On a clear day, you can see the sea-bed through a depth of 20 ft. Then of course, there are the forts, Sindhudurg one of Maharashtra's more popular and important sea forts built in the 17th century and the famous Padmagarh fort. The name of the fort is given to the Sindhudurg district. Tourist from all over the world visit through out the year to see this Maratha glory.Sindhudurg is in the Kokan area of Maharastra having picturesque stretch of land on the west cost of India, endowed with the beautiful seashore, picturesque Mountains and scenic natural beauty and known for tropical fruits like the world famous Alphonso mangoes, cashews, Jamuns etc.

Sangli and Miraj(about50 kms from the sanctuary)- There are numerous spots of scenic beauty near Sangli. Many Hindu and Jain temples attract large numbers of devotees.Tourist and religious attractions in & near Sangli area include Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Chandoli Wild life Sanctuary, Gokak waterfalls, Bahubali Hill Temples, Audumbar, Narsobawadi, Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Koyna, Mahabaleshwar and Bijapur.There are various beautiful places in Sangli District. The Museum of Sangli includes various old coins and different things. Places like Battishirala is a very famous place and tourist comes from all around the world during Nag panchami. Waterpark is also situated in Sangli district which is 19 k.m.from Miraj. 'world famous fireworks in kavathe ekand(Tasgaon).'

The Shri Bhavani Museum and Library, Aundh, located on the Yamai Hill in Satara district.( about 120 kms from The Dajipur Bison Sanctuary) was a princely state in British India, as per the Deccan State Agency division of the Bombay Presidency. It was one of the Satara Jagirs, and was founded in the year 1699 by Trimbak Pant Pratinidhi who was a warrior during the period of Sambhaji Raje and Rajaram Maharaj.The region also contains The Yamai Devi temple. built in the Hemadpanthi pattern, it contains life-sized marble idols of avatars of Lord Vishnu, as well as an art gallery, and a 200 feet high deepmala which is believed to be the highest intact deepmala in the state.

Gangagiri Maharaja's Math in the forest area can be a pleasant outing.

Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary is located in the between the areas of the major reservoirs viz. "Shahu Sagar"and "Laxmi sagar" in Kolhapur district. The entire protected area is undulating with steep escarpments. The soil is reddish and lateritic. High percentage of bauxite ore is found in Plateaus or "Sadas".

Nearest Petrol Pump:

There are numbers of petrol pump surrounding the sanctuary to the highway to Kolhapur.

Petrol Pump Station Road, Kolhapur
Dharamtar Petrol Pump


The forest lodges and the guest houses are the best places for accommodation for the visitors to put up and to experience the night life of forest, which is full of thrill and excitement. Else one can also opt for the magnificent and affordable hotels in Dajipur Bison Sanctuary.
Self contained 2 rooms, Dormitory (3 Blocks - 27 Beds) and Tents (Seasonal).
Checkout Time: 12.00 noon.
Reservation: Information and Reservation office, Kolhapur
Restaurant service available.

Accommodation can be reserved at the Irrigation Rest House, which has suites, including VIP suite and dormitory for 16 persons, by contacting: Ex. Engineer, Irrigation Department at Mandur, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, 416 002.Some famous hotels around Sangali, Satara, Ratnagiri & Kolhapur
Hotel Raysons Regency 0231 6681333
Hotel Green Land (Elegant) 0231 2651641
Hotel Ayodhya- 0231 2652293
Hotel Rajat- 0231 2658080
Hotel International- 0231 2536641
Hotel Rajpurush- 09822880088
hotel LANDMARK- 09881470062
Hotel Trishna- 094 22415444

Things to carry:

Carrying a tour guide book will work wonder. It will help you gaining heaps of information about the region, which will definitely add delight to your touring experience.
Equip yourself with all necessary amenities like trekking kit, cameras and binoculars.
Always put a personal first-aid-box in your bag.
And plenty of water.

Tips & Suggestions:

Wear loose fitting and simple clothes that blend with the sanctuary surroundings.

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station: Dajipur Police Check Post,SH 116, Kolhapur
Kankavli Police Station, Aachara Road, Kankavli

Nearest Hospital:GreenArrow University Hospital, Phonda.

Shushrusha Nursing Home
Near Maruti Temple Warkhedem Phonda 2315610

Society/Community Phone Number- 07262-42334(O), 42356(R)