Yawal Sanctuary


Located in the Yawal Tehsil of the Jalgaon district of Maharastara, the Yawal Sanctuary is a fabulous place to visit to enjoy the wildlife. It is lying along the rivers Anner and Manjal going in to the north towards the border of Madhya Pradesh. Tourists are most likely to find excellent fauna habitat in the western Satpuda hill ranges. It is the best place to visit for a refreshing trip to rejuvenate oneself from the tiring city life.

A light drizzle every now and then during the day characterizes the Yawal sanctuary. Rain cuts off the communication many a times. Otherwise the place can be visited by a zip safari. The Yawal Sanctuary is famous for its mangrove forest. The place is drained by the Sukki River Dam which attracts a lot of birds. This makes the view of the Yawal sanctuarya really picturesque one. Stunning wildlife, fabulous flora and fauna, and supreme natural beauty make this place a mind blowing tourist destination.

The major flora found in Yawal Sanctuary includes Kauriculata, Sal, Ain, Haldu, Tiwas, Khair, Charoli, Jamun, Tendu, Hiwar  Awala, Bamboo, Babul, Bel, Terminenalia species, Casia, Zizphus, Teak, Helicteres, Dhawda, hair, Shisam, Salaia, Bija, Palas, etc.

The fauna in Yawal Sanctuary is also quite remarkable. The most famous species found here is the deer, celebrated for their curved antlers. The most commonly found species include Leopard, Samber, Sloth Bear, Wildbore, Four-horned antelope, Jungle Fowl, Barking deer, Wild Dog, Wild Boar, Chinkara, Blue Bull, Hyaena, Bear, Crocodile, etc.


Location info:

Address:Yawal Tahasil Of Jalgaon District, Maharashtra
District: Jalgaon
Nearest City: Aurangabad
Best time to visit: February To May is the best time to visit of this sanctuary.


The climate in Yawal Sanctuary is mostly wet. The annual rainfall is above 4000 millimeters. The highest temperature goes to about 40 degrees.

Interesting things to do:

Interesting things to Visit:

A lake called Suki is housed within the sanctuary, which attracts large number of migratory birds.
Langda Amba is one of the important transit points contributing to the easy admittance into the Yawal Sanctuary in Maharashtra.

Mobile range info:

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railway station is the Raver Railway Junction on Mumbai -Bhusawal Khandwa line. It is located some 35 kilometers from the Yawal Sanctuary.
Nearest Airport: The nearest airport to Yawal Sanctuary is the Jalgaon airport which is at a distance of only 95 kilometers
Road Transport: The Yawal Sanctuary is well connected to major cities of Maharastra such as Raver, Pune, Mumbai, and many more.

Nearest Visiting places:

Sri Padmalaya
Among the two and a half Shree Ganapati Peeths in India, this is regarded as the half Peeth. It is called as Padmalaya Kshetra. This temple is located at the top of a hill. There are small temples on all sides of the main temple. The padukas of Shree Govind Maharaj are located in front of the temple. There is a huge bell next to the padukas. There are two self existent (Swayambhu) Ganesh idols in the sanctum. One idol has its trunk curving to the right and the other to the left. Padmalaya also known, as "Prabhakshetra" is a religious place located in Erandol Taluka about 4.8-km from Erandol. It is famous for the temples of Lord Ganapati and Hanuman.

Pal, located in Yawal Taluka, is very famous for its cool temperature and the natural peace with dense forests. The small river and forests make a ideal picnic spot. There is a guesthouse also if you want to stay overnight.

Parola Fort
Parola fort was built in 1727 and the size of the fort is 160 to 130-sq-meters. It is believed that the fort belongs to the father of the Great Rani of Jhansi, Laxmibai. Hence, Parola is believed to be the native of Rani Laxmibai.

Swinging Towers Of Farkande
Swinging Towers located 16-km from Erandol on the bank of Utawadi River are a great example of old construction techniques. Both the towers are 15m long and when one of them is waved the other towers also starts waving automatically. It is believed that the construction is 250 years old.

Hot-water springs are situated in the Satpudas at Unapdeo in Chopda tehsil. Like Unapdev, Sunapdev, Nijhardev are two other hot water breezes generated in Satpuda hills range. All these three places have special mention in ancient holy 'Ramayana' and had auspicious touch of Lord Rama during his fourteen years expulsion from Ayodhya.

Hot-water springs are situated in the Satpudas at Unapdeo in Chopda tehsil. Like Unapdev, Sunapdev, Nijhardev are two other hot water breezes generated in Satpuda hills range. All these three places have special mention in ancient holy 'Ramayana' and had auspicious touch of Lord Rama during his fourteen years expulsion from Ayodhya.

Saint Muktabai temple
Saint Muktabai temple is region's ancient temple with Goddess Muktabai being honoured at deity of region. There are two temples of this deity namely Mehun temple and new Muktabai Temple located in MuktaiNagar city.

Changdeo Temple
Changdeo Temple is located at beautiful natural location in back water area of Hatnur dam. The location also has confluence of Tapi and Purna rivers. The Temple is given Protected Monument status by ASI India with its rich design and ancient art work done.

Manudevi Temple
Manudevi Temple is located in beautiful natural surroundings near Adgaon village in Yawal Taluka. Manudevi is the kuldevi of 70% people in the district. There is a nice water fall with breathtaking view. The way to the temple is a very good trek with the path going through a small river 7 times. The temple is surrounded by forested hills. A fair is also held annually.

Omkareshwar Mandir
Omkareshwar Mandir is one of the most famous and beautiful temples in Jalgaon City, dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated at Jai Nagar. Shivratri, Shravni Somvar, Ramnavmi, Gokulashtami are the biggest festivals celebrated in this temple.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Gujral Petrol Pump Jalgaon City


Hotel Amar Prem 0257-2226601
Hotel Anjali 0257-2225079
Hotel Arya 0257-2226803
Hotel Aryanivas 0257-2229750
Hotel Avdhut 0257-2229909
Hotel Cozy Cottage 0257-2224592
Hotel Crazy Home 0257-2233275
Hotel Dream Land 0257-2226227
Hotel Galaxy 0257-2223578
Hotel Kewal 0257-2223949
Hotel Maitrya 0257-2210729
Hotel Mandar 9422277195
Hotel Silver Palace 0257-2221760

Things to carry:

Carrying a tour guide book will work wonder. It will help you gaining heaps of information about the region, which will definitely add delight to your touring experience.
Equip yourself with all necessary amenities like trekking kit, cameras and binoculars.
Always put a personal first-aid-box in your bag.
And plenty of water.

Tips & Suggestions:

Wear loose fitting and simple clothes that blend with the sanctuary surroundings.

Help Line/Phone Number:

Nearest Hospital:Hospitals:
Civil Hospital, Jalgaon
T.B. Sanitorium, Jalgaon
Leprocy Trg. Centre, Jalgaon
Kochar P.N. Akashwani Chowk
Kochure G.G. Visanjinagar
Police Station:
Jalgaon City Police Station ,Telephone: 0257-2229693
Jamner, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Society/Community Phone Number