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Girna Dam, MaharashtraThe Girna Dam is situated in the Nasik district, which is drained by two chief rivers, the Girna and the Godavari along with their tributaries. The Girna Dam is located in the watershed of the Girna River. The Satmala range divides the catchment area of these two rivers. A number of small Konkan Rivers draining westwards into the Arabian Sea also flows very close to the Girna Dam.

The Girna Dam is sited south of Cherai village. The river Girna flows towards the east along a wide bed and high banks in certain parts, however, low enough to admit the use of water for irrigation. The main objective to build the Girna Dam is to collect the water of the river for irrigation purpose, especially in the rainy season.

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DARNA DAM :- Darna dam is situated at 20 Km. from village Wadivarhe on the Nashik Mumbai highway.The village Wadivarhe is 15 Km. from Nashik.This is a masonary dam constructed by British Government in 1916.

Chambhar Leni
The Chambhar Leni are the 4th century Jain caves, situated about 6 kms. away from the Nasik town. These caves are one of the famous pilgrimage places of the Jains.

Muktidham is the pink marble temple, situated about 9.9 kms. away from the Nasik town. This temple depicts all important places of pilgrimage in India. All deities are prepared according to the size of the original deities from the respective holy places. These deities have been duly sanctified by sending them to the original pilgrim centres.

Panchvati is situated about 2 kms. away from the Nasik town. The name ‘Panchvati’ is derived from the words Panch which means five and Vati which means banyan tree. Sita Gumpha is situated nearby where Sita, had once taken refuge. There are many temples here such as Kala Ram, Kapaleshwar, Ganga Godavari, Sunder Narayan, Vithal, Pataleshwar and Naroshankar.

Pandav Leni
Pandav Leni are the Hindu caves, situated about 2 kms. away from the Nasik town. It consists of 23 caves which contains beautiful medieval sculptures. Out of these caves, the most famous are caves 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 18 and 21.

Someshwar Temple
Someshwar Temple is situated about 9 kms. away from the Nasik town. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and situated on the banks of the Godavari river.

Tapovan is a beautiful picnic spot where Rama, stayed during his exile. At this place, Sita, his consort was also abducted by the Ravana. This place is situated about 3 kms. away from the Nasik town.

Trimbakeshwar is one of the five Jyotirlingas in Maharashtra and one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. This temple is situated about 28.3 kms. away from Nasik and an important piligrimage centre. This imposing temple has beautiful carving. The river Godavari also has its source here. During Mahshivaratri, a large fair is held here, which attracts hundreds of people from all over India. After every twelve years, the Sinhastha Fair, the most important Kumbh Mela is also held here.

Bhandardara is a quiet and little holiday resort, with lovely picnic spots, situated about 69 kms. from Nasik. Arhur Lake set amidst scenic forests provides many hours of entertainment. The streamlet from the lake falls down at 45 meter in the Randha Falls. The Wilson Dam at a height of 150 m. is another lovely place in Bhandardara. Mt. Kalsubai, the highest peak in the state overlooks Bhandardara. Bhandardara is an ideal place for the adventure loving trekkers. The Ratangad Fort, one of Shivaji’s favourite forts, is an interesting place for the climbers.

Sapatashringi is situated at an altitude of 1302 metres, and at a distance of 53.3 kms. from Nasik. The Sapatashringi Devi temple offers a fascinating view of the surroundings.

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  • Pandavleni Caves
  • Kalaram Temple,
  • The Naroshankar Temple
  • Sundernarayan Temple
  • Wada typology
  • The Kusumagraj Smarak
  • The Dadasaheb Phalke Memorial

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At Nashik City.

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Water and clothes are essential.Carry binoculars and camera to see and capture the beauty of the place, so u can save it as your memories.

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