Chikhaldara Hill Station


Chikhaldara is located in Amaravati district of Vidarbha region 70km far from Amravati. The only hill station in the Vidarbha region offers you an abundance of wildlife, viewpoints, lakes and waterfalls. It is named after "Keechaka".Chikhaldara is the sole hill resort in the Vidarbha region, situated at an altitude of 1,118 m and these valleys are full of velvet mist and majestic trees. All this makes it a very popular summer retreat. With abundance of natural scenery,the climate is always breezy and walking on the clouds often becomes a reality.

The only hill resort in the Vidarbha region, it has the added distinction of being the only coffee growing area in Maharashtra. It abounds in wildlife- panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild boar, even the rarely seen wild dogs.Close by is the famous Melghat Tiger Project which has 82 tigers. The scenic beauty of Chikhaldara can be enjoyed from Hurricane Point, Prospect Point and Devi Point.Other interesting excursions include Gawilgad and Narnala fort, the Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, the Tribal Museum and the Semadoh Lake.

Located at an height of 1118 m. Chikhaldara has an annual rainfall of 155 cms. The temperatures vary from 39°C in summer to 5°C in winter.

Location info:

Address:Amaravati District Of Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra.
District: Amaravati district
Nearest City: Amaravati
Best time to visit: October to June


The temperatures vary from 39°C in summer to 5°C in winter


This is the place where Bheema killed the villainous Heechaka in a Herculean bout and threw him into a valley. It came to be known as Keechakadara - Chikhaldara is a corruption. But there's more to Chikhaldara.

Chikhaldara was discovered by Captain Robinson of the Hyderabad Regiment in 1823. The Englishmen found it particularly attractive because the lush green hue of the place reminded them of England.

Interesting things to do:

Photography, there are some adventure sports done there too but they are held at a specific time and as camps.

Interesting things to Visit:

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary
Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Amaravati district of Vidarbha region. This sanctuary is named after "Keechaka".Tourists can find Panthers, Sloth Bears, Sambar, and Wild Boar. One can even spot Wild Dogs over here.

Gugamal National Park
Melghat Tiger Reserve is located in Chikhaldara and Dharni tehsils of Amaravati district in Satpura hill range. This tiger reserve of 1676.93-sq-km is one of the last remaining habitats of Indian tiger in Maharashtra.

Melghat Tiger Reserve
Melghat Tiger Reserve is located in Chikhaldara and Dharni tehsils of Amaravati district in Satpuda hill range. This tiger reserve of 1676.93-sq-km is one of the last remaining habitats of Indian tiger in Maharashtra.

Wan Sanctuary
Wan sanctuary is located in Melghat area of Amravati District. It is an extension to the Melghat Sanctuary on southeastern part. This area is part and parcel of Melghat and is rich in floral and fauna biodiversity. The hilly rugged terrain possesses Tropical Dry Deciduous forests.

The largest monument of antiquite in the Akola district is the fine hill fort of Narnala, standing upon an isolated hill of the Satpura range at a height of 1053 m. The fort covers an area of 22 and is surrounded by forest. The water tank in the fort area is frequented by the denizens of forest at night. A wildlife sanctuary has been established here recently. The fort is very close to Chikhaldra Hill Station.

Shakkar Lake
Shakkar Lake is on the way going towards Gawilgarh fort. The water from this lake is used for water supply office by Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran. There is arrangement of water boats also. The tourist can enjoy the Speed Boat, Pidal Boat, Scooter Boat etc.

Goraghat Point:
On the upper platau, the road of the vairat near village 'Pandhari' there is a M.T.D.C. resort. There is a way of Goraghat points beside the M.T.D.C. resort. There is no noice for that reason we have to enjoy a natural beauty.

Monkey Point
There is a Maharashtra Forest Rainger's College on the road of 'Vairat'. The monkey point is at the college area. The deep valley is going from this point. The base of this valley is not seen in our naked eye. There is no railing on this point.

Mozari Point:
This point is at 2km. distance on the way going from hotel green. There is a permanant Heli-Pad. There is a way going towards mozari village for this points it is called as Mozari points. If we look east from this point we can see Hotel Resort Mayura. We can also see Devi Point area and west side of Gawilgarh fort.

The point is situated on the Vairat hills at Vairat. Which is considered to be King's Vairat capital in the Mahabharata era. Sunset is very attractive to see. Chikhaldara in the east from here and on west lie the numerous hill ranges beffitting the name Satpuda's.

Bir Lake
This Lake is built under british government rule in Dec 1890. This lake is built in besalt. It is used for soldiers in the british government rle hence called as Bir Lake. The water was initially used for Chikhaldara town. It also has a old garden but it is not well maintained.

The upper platau area of Chikhaldara is with full of dense trees, and locality of living people is negligible. The government garden is at upper platau. The garden is open for visitors is at morning 8.00am to evening 7.00pm. The old name is 'Company Garden'. Because it is constructed by the foreners. Many years ago, Gawali people is situated on this gardan area. But they are migrated in the wast side. This side is called 'Pandhari Village' .

Malviya or Sunrise Point
There is a village of 'Gawali People' known as 'Lawhada' which is at beside of I.T.I. college on Chikaldara-Paratwada road. The road going through this village 'Lawhada' is forward towards Malviya Point. We have to go down by using steps to see the points. We can also see the some part of Bhimkund valley and Paratwada city. The facing of this point towards East for that reason the sunrise is very beautiful to see.

Vairat Devi
Vairat is a small village nearly about 10kms. from Chikhaldara. In between Chikhaldara and Vairat a natural pool is there, it is very beautiful to see. There is a ancient devi-temple. But it is very critical to reach that temple. At the starting of the ancient devi-temple, to our facilitate, people built a new devi-temple.
Ancient Goddess temple is situated in west to Vairat hills. One has to pass the valley with the help of rope to reach the mount of undeerground way after passing 100 to 150 ft. underground one can reach to original temple.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:The nearest railhead is Badnera on Central Railway branch line, 110 kms
Nearest Airport:Nearest airport is Akola 150-km.
Road Transport:Nearest bus depot is Amravathi 100-km. Regular State Transport buses connect Chikhaldara to Amravati, Nagpur, Wardha, Akola and other cities of the state.

Nearest Visiting places:

  • Hurricane
  • Prospect and Devi
  • Gaavilgad fort
  • Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens
  • The Semadoh Lake
  • The Tribal Museum
  • Semadoh & Shakkar tanks
  • Shiv Temple.
  • Bhimkund
  • Adivasi Museum
  • Dhakna-Kolkaz National Park

Nearest Petrol Pump:


  • The MTDC has resorts in Chikhaldara with excellent accommodation facilities.
  • Othert options include Economy Loges, Semadoh Forest Lodge, and Luxury Hotels.
  • Harshawardhan Hotel
  • Satpura Retreat

Things to carry:

Carrying water is essential.Carry camera too so that u can take photos of beautiful places.

Tips & Suggestions:

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:100

Nearest Hospital:

  • Deshmukh Hospital Nagpur
  • Casncer Relief Society Nagpur
  • Bardia Hospital Amravati
  • Hitech Critical Care & Bonde Hospital Amravati
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