Melghat Tiger Reserve


Melghat Tiger Reserve is located on southern offshoot of the Satpura Hill Range in Central India, called Gavilgarh hill in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The high ridge running east-west which has its highest point at Vairat (1178 m. above msl.), forms the southwestern boundary of the Reserve. It is a prime habitat of the tiger. The forest is tropical dry deciduous in nature, dominated by teak Tectona grandis. The Reserve is a catchment area for five major rivers viz. Khandu, Khapra, Sipna, Gadga and Dolar, all of which are tributaries of the river Tapti. The northeastern boundary of the Reserve is marked by the Tapti river. Melghat is the prime biodiversity repository of the state.

River Tapi flows through the northern end of this Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh and this forest even falls in the catchment area of rivers. Acres of tropical dry deciduous forests of Melghat in Madhya Pradesh are also the home of Gaurs or Indian Bisons, monkeys, sloth bears and flying squirrels.

Nature has offered protection to Melghat in the form of a rugged topography with only a few entry points. The Makhala, Chikhaldara, Chiladari, Patulda and Gugamal are the large plateaux amidst rugged terrain. Contiguity of forests in Satpura Hill Range guarantees the long-term conservation potential of the area.

Location info:

Address: Amaravati,Maharashtra,India.
District: Amaravati.
Nearest City: Chikaldhara
Best time to visit: December to June.


Tropical Weather.


Melghat area was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1974. Presently, the total area of the Reserve is 1676.93 sq. km. The core area of the Reserve, the Gugarnal National Park with an area of 361.28 sq. km. and buffer area of the Reserve, the Melghat Tiger Sanctuary with an area of 788.28 sq. km. (of which 21.39 sq. km. is non-forest) were together re-notified by the state government in 1994 as Melghat Sanctuary. The remaining area is management as 'multiple use area'. Previously, Melghat Tiger Sanctuary was created in 1985 with an area of 1597.23 sq. km. Gugarnal National Park was carved out of this Sanctuary in 1987

Interesting things to do:

Chikhaldara is the sole hill resort in the Vidarbha region, situated at an altitude of 1118m and has the added distinction of being the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra. Chikhaldara is full of deep valleys, and these valleys are full of velvet mist and majestic trees. It is a very popular summer retreat. The wildlife sanctuary in this area offers tourists with abundance of wildlife, viewpoints, lakes and waterfalls.

Wadali Talao:
Wadali Talao is situated towards East of Amravati, 3-km from Camp on Chandur Railway Road. It was built for a clean and fresh water supply to Amravati Camp. A small garden with a zoo is also there and usually people come here during weekends. One can also enjoy boating on the Talao. This is one of the best places for kids.

Interesting things to Visit:

Ambadevi Temple:
This temple is situated in the heart of Amravati City. According to the legend it is believed that Shri Krishna abducted Rukmini, when she came to pray at the Amba Devi temple, and married her. The Goddess Amba attracts devotees from all parts of Vidarbha.

Satidham Temple:
Satidham Temple is situated in the heart of the city at Rallies Plot. There are beautiful idols of Lord Krishna-Radha, Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva and Rani Satiji placed within the temple. Every year a fair is arranged on the occasion of Janmashthami, which does large number of devotees attend.

Shri Bhakti Dham Temple:
Shri Bhakti Dham Temple is situated on Amravati Badnera road where beautiful idols of Lord Krishna and Radha are placed. Shri Sant Jalaram Bappa idol is also placed and behind this temple a small park for children is maintained

Wan Sanctuary:
Wan sanctuary is located in Melghat area of Amravati District. It is an extension to the Melghat Sanctuary on the southeastern part. This area is part and parcel of Melghat and is rich in floral and faunal biodiversity. The hilly rugged terrain possesses tropical dry deciduous forests.


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Nearest Railway Station: Badnera Railway Junction,is located at a distance of 110kms from Melghat Tiger Reserve.
Nearest Airport: Nagpur airport which is at a distance of 102 kms.
Road Transport: Regular buses go via Paratwada to Dharni and Burhanpur. Two state highways Paratwada to Burhanpur and Akot to Harisal pass through the Tiger Reserve.

Nearest Visiting places:

2.Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary
3.Shri Bhakti Dham Temple
4.Chatri Talao

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Police Station: 100

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Baheti Hospital and Medical Research Center.
Bakhtar Hospital
Bardia Hospital

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