Lonavala Hill Station


Located some 102 km south east of Mumbai, it takes around 2 hrs by road to reach Lonavala from Mumbai. Lonavala can actually be termed as the 'Real Getaway' shot vacation. Lonavala is Charming Hill Station perched on a height of 625 Mts above sealevel blessed by the nature's beauty. The hill Station is around 70 kms from Pune. This is a hill station that is gifted with the most appealing sites that you ever like to witness. Travelers from nearby areas throng this town in rainy season to explore its varied moods. Obviously it is not the rain that is enjoyed so much, as is the time after it, the hot cup of coffee inside the warm and cozy hotel room and the sound of rain drops outside definitely makes it a perfect holiday spot. Each and every part of Lonavala is so enticing, that you will not be able to take your eyes of them.The term 'Lonavala' has been originated from the Sanskrit term 'lonavli', which suggests numerous caves. Perhaps the nearby caves like Karla, Bhaja and Bedsa serve as the answer to resort's name. Travel and tourism has always been great at the hill station. Besides nature's magnificence, Lonavala is also famous for the hard candy sweet, Chikki.

But there are few places that you just can't miss - Bushy Dam, Ryewood Park , Duke's nose and Karla and Bhaja caves are few of them. It's neighbor Khandala is also as naturally gifted as Lonavala is. Accommodation in these cities is not a problem as there are lot of hotels across both the towns.

Lonavala is on the Mumbai-Pune highway which makes this an easily accessible town and all the trains on Mumbai to Pune route on central line stop at Lonavala.

Location info:

Address:102 km south east of Mumbai
Nearest City:Lonavala/Khandala.
Best time to visit: Rainy Season/ June and September


The weather in Lonavala is pleasant. Summers (April-June) are mild, while winters are cool (November-February). It experiences heavy southwestern monsoon rains between June and September.


Interesting things to do:

Trekking , Photographers can take lots of photos of the place in and around .

Interesting things to Visit:

Karla & Bhaja Caves Karla and Bhaja Caves, located in the hills at a distance of 11-km from Lonavala, are important places to visit. These rock-cut cave temples dating back to 2nd century BC and are amongst the oldest and finest examples of Buddhist rock cut temple art in India, belonging to the Hinayana sect of Buddhism. Adventure seekers can try their hand at rock climbing at the Duke's Nose peak and other locations in the Karla hills, near Lonavala.

Rajmachi Park On the way to Mumbai from Lonavala there is a beautiful garden before the beginning of the Ghat. It gives a spectacular view of the surroundings. On the East Side two towers of the Rajmachi Fort can be seen and at the bottom is the huge valley. There is a restaurant here and a temple close by. The Ghat begins from this point so many people come to enjoy the view. There is children's park here and there are regular bus services from lonavala bus station.

Ryewood This is a big and beautiful garden situated near Lonavala. This garden covers a lot of ground and it is full of majestic tall trees. There is an old Mahadeo temple in this park. There is history behind the name Ryewood. An English officer Mr. Rye stayed in this place for quite some time. Hence this woods are named after him. The name may also have come from the Marathi words "Rai" which means thick forest. Earlier it was under the care of civil dept. In 1959 it was transferred to the State Government's Forest Department. This garden has plenty of place for children to play.

Duke's Nose This place is named after Duke Wellington whose pointed nose this cliff resembles. It also looks like a hood of a snake, which is why it is also called as "Nagfani" (Hood of Snake). This point can be approach from INS Shivaji and Kurwande Village. Watching the nature's beauty here is an unforgettable experience.

Kune Falls This water falls where water comes down from a height of more than 100 feet is majestic in appearance one can have bath in the water that flows through the valley. This place is between Lonavala and Khandala. This fall can be seen in Khandala Ghat while coming from Mumbai. It runs for many days long after the monsoon is over.

Tiger's Leap This is a special spot in this area. If one looks at the valley carefully from this spot it appears as if a tiger is leaping into the valley, that is why this name. This spot is a furlong away from INS Shivaji. It gives a fascinating view of the valley. There is provision for viewing the valley from the safe confines of a big hole. A stone thrown down from here ricochets at many places and gets destroyed here. Making it as an another unique experience.

Monkey Hill All the trains coming down from Khandala halt here for brake testing. There is a huge flat land to south of the railway tracks. This place is exactly above Khopoli town and it can be approach from Khopoli as well as Borghat reversing station. It is a favorite picnic spot.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Lonavala is on the main railway line between Mumbai and Pune. All express trains plying between the two cities stop here. There is also an hourly shuttle service for Pune.
Nearest Airport:Nearest airport is situated in Pune at 64-km.
Road Transport:It is 104-km from Mumbai and 64-km from Pune. The bus service between Lonavala and Pune is good. Buses shuttle between Lonavala and Khandala.

Nearest Visiting places:

  • Lonavala provides a panoramic view of the lush green surroundings of the Sahyadri ranges. The peaceful environs of the town, which provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city, attract tourists to this place. Travelers can take a walk along the waterfalls, the grassy abundance and hills in and around Lonavala. The mountainous terrain of Lonavala is ideal for trekking and hiking.
  • Tugauli, Lonavala and Bhushi lakes
  • Walvan Dam
  • Khandala is just 5 km away
  • rock-cut cave temples dating back to 2nd century bc

Nearest Petrol Pump:


The Proximity between Lonavala & Khandala give tourists many options to stay. There are many hotels & Govt.guest houses that gives accommodation to every type of budget travellers.

  • Farias Resort- five star hotels
  • ]Lagoona Resort- five star hotels
  • Kailash Parbat- three star hotels
  • Swiss Resorts- three star hotels

Things to carry:

Water and clothes are essential.Carry binoculars and camera to see and capture the beauty of the place, so u can save it as your memories.

Tips & Suggestions:

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:Yoga Hospital is 2 km/Hospitals At Lonavala .
Society/Community Phone Number