Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary


Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is the only Goa wildlife reserve that is dedicated to the birds of the region. The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary also known as Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is spread over an area of 1.8 sq kms. The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is located at the western tip of the Chorao Island along river Mandovi near Panaji. It is fully covered with mangrove species. A variety of local and migratory birds can be found on this island.

The island landscape abounds with thick mangrove vegetation found sporadically along the banks of River Mandovi. The mangrove ecosystem facilitates breeding grounds for several varieties of fish and insects that are natural preys for birds. A watch-tower inside the Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary serves the cause of enthusiastic bird-watchers.

Location info:

Address:Chorao Island, on River Mandovi,Goa,India.
District: North Goa.
Nearest City: Panaji
Best time to visit: October to March


Summer Max 33 & Min 23 Degrees Celsius.
Winter Max 28 & Min 19 Degrees Celsius.


Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is an important bird sanctuary in India.Named after renowned ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali, this bird sanctuary is the abode of a myriad of bird species, both local and migratory. Encompassing an area of 1.8 sq. km, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is the smallest among the wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. The small area notwithstanding, the sanctuary teems with the winged visitors who come here searching for the ideal habitat.Though small, the sanctuary homes around 400 species of birds, both local and migratory.

The sanctuary can be visited after seeking permission from the Chief Wild Life Warden, Forest Department, Panaji. Besides a rich diversity of exotic birds, one may catch a glimpse of wild animals like crocodiles, foxes, and jackals. The sanctuary is open throughout the year, though it is better to avoid it during the monsoons and summers when it can get really hot and humid.

Interesting things to do:

Mayem Lake:
This is flowing at the distance of 35 kms surrounded amidst rolling green hills and is an ideal picnic spot. Good accommodation facilities are available in Cottages. Boating is also available on the lake. People often visit the place to enjoy its picturesque beauty.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary:
10 kms North-east of the Usgao Tisk Village in north Goa, Bondla is home to black-faced langurs, Indian bison, jackal and wild boar besides other animals. It also has a tiny zoo. You can go for elephant rides in this park

Mahadei Wildlife Sanctuary:
Located in the Sattari Taluka of North Goa, the sanctuary boasts of 209 sq km of thick dense forests, abundant in plant and animal life. Mahadei Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the Indian Gaur, leopard, wild pig, jackal, sloth bear, bonnet macaques, sambhar, wild dog and mouse deer.

Interesting things to Visit:

Church of St. Francis of Assisi:
Built in 1661, the Church of St. Francis of Assisi is three tired with an eight-sided tower on each side. This is among the best preserved churches in Goa.

Archaeological Museum:
Collection depicts the history of Goa before and during Portuguese period. The museum is in the former Convent of St. Francis of Assi, between the Church of St. Francis and Se Cathedral.

Aguada Fort:
This is located at 18 kms away from the Panaji. The Portuguese built this fort in 1609-1612. The main purpose of this was to command the entry into the river Mandovi, in order to protect Old Goa from potential enemy attacks. A spring within the fort once provided water supply to the ships that called there. A lighthouse is situated nearby to this fort.

Arvalem Caves:
These celebrated caves of Arvalem are located in the west of Goa. This belongs to a remote era. This is near to the temple of Rudreshwar. This fort is of archaeological interest. A mythical background is attached to these caves. Some are of the opinion that these caves have been carved by the traveling Buddhist monks. An inscription is noticed on a Shivalinga with a circular top in cave No.2 Its in Sanskrit and in Brahmi characters of the 7th century A.D. It reads as Sambalura-vasi Ravih.

Arvalem Waterfalls:
This is near the temple of Rudreshwar, one can descend the staircase to look at a majestic waterfall shedding its lively and sparkling silvery showers. This beautiful fall with a head of about 70ft. forms a sizeable lake at the bottom that offers a temptation to seasoned swimmers. The fall is best seen just after the copious monsoon, when it presents an ecstasy of pleasing and mutinous aspect.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls:
This is situated at 60 kms. i.e. 10 kms from Colem Railway Station. This place is accessible by train only. Water comes down hundreds of feet in large volume, in cascades, which forms one of the most spectacular of all natural phenomena in Goa. It is also regarded as a lifeline of the ecosystem in one of the Sanctuaries. This is generally a popular destination to hikers and trekkers. It is also accessible by jeep route, which is 14 kms through the Bhagvan Mahavir Sanctuary. However, one needs to obtain prior permission from the Department of Forests at Junta House, Panaji to visit the place.

Kesarval Spring:
This is located at 22 kms away. The spring originates from hard and compact rocks and people bathe in its water with strong belief that it has medicinal properties as well.


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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station: Madgaon Junction.
Nearest Airport: Dabolim is the nearest airport, 29 km from Panaji.
Road Transport:Take a bus/cab from Panaji to the Ribandar ferry dock and then take a ferry across the Mandovi River to the island of Chorao.

Nearest Visiting places:

11.Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary
12.Chapora Fort
13.Cabo Fort

Nearest Petrol Pump:



1.Panjim Inn - Panjim Peoples.
2.Hotel Orion.
3.Sun N Sand Goa.

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Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:Panaji is well equpped with Govt. and Pvt. hospitals
Society/Community Phone Number