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Dahisar River is a river in the northern suburbs of Mumbai near the suburb of Dahisar. It originates in the Tulsi Lake in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in the northern reaches of the city. The river is currently highly polluted with the dumping of industrial effluents from workshops, and sewage from slums and stormwater drains into it. The river was once so picturesque that Hindi films were shot here. During 1956-57, crocodiles were witnessesed to be residing the river.The river empties into the Manori Creek.

The name derived from the milk seller's here. There were many people selling curd's called "Dahi" in Hindi and Marathi and hence it was termed "Dahisar."Along the westside of Dahisar, flows a river known as Dahisar River, which originates from Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Until the recent past, it has been badly polluted due to dense population alongside the banks of the river.In recent times it narrowed down, and became more shallow due to the presence of the accumulation of silt, debris and plastic bags. After the 2005 Maharashtra floods, where the 100 people lost their lives in the flooding that ensued, the BMC has undertaken a desilting and widening project to clean up the river and prevent flooding in 2006.

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Address: Dahisar,Mumbai,India.
District: Mumbai Suburban District.
Nearest City: Mumbai
Best time to visit: Nov to Feb.



The history of Dahisar is probably as old as the ruins of Mandpeshwar caves that lie on the Dahisar - Borivali border. The original residents of Dahisar are the Panchkalshis, Agris, East Indians and Kolis, who still live primarily in the hamlets of Kandarpada and Gaothan and the tribals who lived in the hills surrounding Dahisar - the Warlis and Dublis.

With the construction of the railway line connecting Dahisar to the city of Mumbai over a century ago, came the first lot of migrants, the people from Sindhudurg region of Konkan. These migrants established the first planned residential areas of Dahisar - Maratha Colony in Dahisar East and Mhatre Wadi in the West. The Railway authorities wanted to name the rail head at Dahisar as Mount Poinsur Road, but the locals opposed this move and forced the authorities to name it as Dahisar.

Once an isolated location, Dahisar is now bustling at the seams with a large population. The oldest buildings in Dahisar are Nand-Dham near Dahisar Bridge, Amit Apts, the Pokar Kunj Building, Simplex Bhavan and Madina Manzil near to the S.V. Road. In the West, there used to be large Salt Pans, which have now been re-claimed to become Townships.

Interesting things to do:

Explore the city, nearby places and enjoy the view of dahisar river.

Interesting things to Visit:

Sanjay Gandhi National Park:
Sanjay Gandhi National Park, with vivid treasury of wildlife, beautifully green landscape, well laid zigzag roads and kind-hearted monkey band is another plus point for making the place such a hotspot for the tourist folk. The caves represent a golden beginning and the end of Buddhism in Northern India.

Essel World:
Gorai Located near the beach, Essel World is the biggest amusement park in India. In addition to the usual roller coaster rides, Essel World Water World offers a section which is a great success in Mumbai 's sultry weather. However, it is adjacent to the water kingdom east Asia 's largest water park with slides, theme cruises and the world 's largest wave pool. Ferries of Gorai Beach will lead you to the Essel World Kingdom and water easily.

The country cousin to Essel World, Fantasyland is located in Jogeshwari East. It is a small-scale amusement park, which offers karting, dodge cars and roller coasters.

The ruins of the Portuguese fort, 77 km from Mumbai on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway recall a thriving city that existed within these very walls between 1534-1739. Some walls and ruins of churches still attract fans archaeological.

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Nearest Railway Station: Dahisar.
Nearest Airport: Mumbai Internatinal Airport.
Road Transport: Dahisar is well connected to major cities.,local transport is also available.

Nearest Visiting places:

Elephanta Caves : Located at a distance of 9 miles from Mumbai, the Elephanta caves are beautiful rock cut cave temples dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. In the Elephanta caves, Lord Shiva has been shown in three major forms, of being that of constructor, protector and destroyer.

Bhaja Caves : The Bhaja caves, which are 18 in number, are situated at a distance of 12 kilometers from Lonavla in Maharashtra. These caves, which belongs to the 2nd century BCE, are one of the most beautiful caves in India.

Pithalkora Caves : Dating from the 2nd century BCE to the 1st century CE, the Pithalkora caves are located on the Satmala hills, 78 kilometers from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. These caves, including mainly temples, monasteries and viharas, are dedicated to the oldest Theravadin sect of Buddhism.

Junnar Caves : The Junnar caves, located on the Mumbai - Aurangabad way, 177 kilometers from Mumbai, belong to 2nd century BCE to the 3rd century CE. These caves, Buddhist in nature are one of the best well sculptured caves of Maharashtra.

Ajanta Caves : Situated on the Sahyadri hills, around 108 kilometers from Aurangabad in Maharashtra, the Ajanta caves dates back to the ancient period and forms probably one of the earliest Buddhist caves in the world. Dedicated to the Buddha, these caves were basically used by the Buddhist monks as their residence and meditation centres.

Ellora Caves : The Ellora caves, the finest examples of cave-temple architecture, reflects the love and respect for all the religions in India, as it comprises the cave temples related to all three major religions in the ancient India - Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. These caves are located 28 kilometers from Aurangabad and belongs to the period between 5th century CE to the 11th century CE.

Aurangabad Buddhist Caves : These caves dates back to the 4th-8th century CE, built by the Vakatakas and the Chalukyas.
The Aurangabad caves mainly deals with the Mahayana sect of Buddhism.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Available in Dahisar.


Lokmanya Hindu Hotel,Machi Market, Dahisar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400068.
Hotel Nidhi,National Silk Mills Compd, Dahisar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400068.

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Police Station: 100

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1.Abhinav Sushrut Hospital.
2.Ashok Clinic.
3.Krishna Nursing Home. 
4.Chamunda Hospital.
5.Metro Polyclinic.

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