Napne waterfall


The Land of Culture and Natural beauty. Sindhudurg is famous for it's natural beauty like Beaches, Backwater, Waterfalls and Pilgrimage centers.
Located at Sherpe village in Vaibhavwadi taluka this waterfall is known as Swimmers delight. A swim in its cool pool is very safe and refreshing. Here one can easily explore the secret of cascading water by reaching close to the spot from where water emerges from the top in the from of bubbles through hard and compact rocks. the area around the waterfall is also a natural habitat for the rare species of birds, specially for the Hornbills. Its famous for Waterfalls which are available all the 12 months.Enchanting mountain range, vales and between them the pleasant waterfall, ancient Vyaghreshwar temple, this surroundings is dreamy and attracting.

Location info:

Address:Located at Sherpe village in Vaibhavwadi taluka
District: Tal Kankavli Dist
Nearest City: Sindhudurg
Best time to visit: Rainy season tourists



Interesting things to do:

Can see lots of beautiful sites around the place, can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall,can take lots of photos.

Can get drenched in water at the Napne falls.

Interesting things to Visit:

RAMESHWAR MANDIR ( 4 Kms from Vijaydurg) :

This heritage temple makes an impression on visitors by its murals which depicts the stories from Ramayana & Mahabharata. Huge bell suspended at the entrance narrates the bravery of Maratha Commander Anandrao Dhulap who captured it from Portuguese ship.

VIJAYDURG FORT (31 Kms from Devgad ) :

Pre Shijaji period fort erected during Adilsha`s regime. Chattrapati Shivaji captured this fort in 1653 and restored its dignity. Then under the leadership of Kanhoji Angre fort witnessed many battles.


Is a natural harbour and a well guarded port town which is named after Devgad Fort. Marathas valiant naval commander Kanhoji Angre was instrumental in erecting this elegant looking fort in 1705.

VIMLESHWAR TEMPLE (14 Kms from Devgad) : Yet another temple of LordShiva nestled amidst Coconut and Beetle nut plantations at Wada village. Temples forefront has 5 naked idols of stone with huge elephants guarding the temple from either sides.

KUNKESHWAR MANDIR ( 19 Kms from Devgad) :

The nature has bestowed beauty by placing this temple on the bank of Arabian sea. The Hemadpanthy architectural style temple is believed to be built by one Arabian businessman. Main annual event is Mahashivratri festival where people gather in thousands to worship Lord Shiva.


On a low island about a mile from Malvan fort is said to be a pride of Maratha glory. Today it contains the houses of few Gabit`s and shrine of Chattrapati Shivaji. Palm and foot prints of Shivaji Maharaj are also preserved here on dried lime slab in an tower.

TARKARLI BEACH ( 8 Kms from Malvan) :

Considered as queen of Sindhudurg`s beaches. The miles long stretch of delighting Cajurina plantations & unique rural cottages lines up in dunes impresses upon the visitors to make a halt at this beach.

DEVBAUG BEACH ( 10 Kms from Malvan) :

Geographic wonder of Malvan`s cost. The beauty never ends at picturesque sangam point of this beach

LAXMINARAYAN MANDIR ( 10 Kms from Tarkarli beach by boat) :

The wonderful picturesque ride of backwaters from Tarkarli to Walawal by small motorboat, in recent years backwaters in this area is become main attraction of Sindhudurg region. The ancient and beautiful Laxminarayan Mandir is highly revered by his believers. The Marathi movie Chani was shot at this village and later highly appreciated by people and film industry.

NIVTI BEACH ( 25 Kms from Vengurla) :

Fishermen’s seen launching their traditional boats and nets daily into sea is an interesting feature to watch on this beach.

BHOGWE BEACH ( 29 Kms from Kudal ) :

Blessed with magnificent backdrop of sloppy hill this beach is considered as bird waters paradise.

VETOBA MANDIR ( 14 Kms from Vengurla) :

Vetal the king of ghosts is a watchman of Arawali village blessed by spectacular shore. Fair day of Vetoba is celebrated by offering him a pair of Sandals and Bananas


( 21 kms from Vengurla ) The Revati port area is the nices spot for picnics in Sindhudurg. The historic significance of this place is Yashwantgad fort and self existent Lord Ganesh who attracts large numbers of devotees.


Set within a magnificent natural harbor. This sleepy little town is renowned for its historic building Dutch Wakhar, and heritage Sagar Bunglow that offers panaromic view of Arabian sea from its countyard.

SAGARTIRTHA BEACH (14 Kms from Vengurla ) :

A perfect end to the day of discovering Vengurla`s coastal treasure is to relax and unwind on this beautiful beach


(30 Kms from Sawantwadi ) The pristine beauty of this eco friendly hill station offers more to the visitors then traditional summer beach holiday. Numerous view points, botanical garden, flora & fauna, silence of wilderness and countless streams of milky waters in the rainy season.

MAHADEVACHE KERAVADE (24 Kms from Kudal) :

Admist spectacular formation of rocks on a small hillock this ascetic abode of saint Mahadev is a scenic place to watch southern end of Rangnagad and Manohar-Mansantoshgad.

MAHALAXMI MANDIR (18 Kms from Kudal) :

At Narur village this temple is located at the bottom of Rangnagad Fort. Trekkers seek blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi before moving upward towards Rangnagad

BHARADIVI MANDIR ( 14 Kms from Malvan) :

Is a Goddess of Angnewadi village where she has occurred in a selfexistant rock form. It is believed that when a person ask for a favour goddess fulfills it. Annual fair of this goddess is witnessed by large number of devotees.

RANGANAGAD ( 20 Kms from Kudal) :

At an altitude of 2600 ft. Ranganagad is a trekkers delight. This fort is among the 15 fort build by Shilahar Bhoj`s regime

Mobile range info:

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Ratnagir Railway station.Sindhudurg station
Nearest Airport:Ratnagiri Airport
Road Transport:16 k.m. from Talere

Nearest Visiting places:

  • Nagartas Waterfall
  • Hiranykeshi
  • Botanical Garden
  • Karvi
  • Kunkeshwar Temple
  • Rameshwar Temple (Achara) (23 k.m. from Malvan)
  • Vethoba Temple
  • Aangnewadi (Shree Bharadi Devi)
  • Redi Ganapati (Redi Village).
  • Sindhudurg Fort
  • Vijaydurg or Victory Fort
  • Sawantwadi PalaceBharatgad
  • Bhagwatgad Fort (17 k.m. from Malvan town)Sarjekot Fort
  • Rangnagad Fort
  • Kille Nivati
  • Holy Gagangad.

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Petrol bunk at the nearest city or on the Highway towards Napne.


Waterfall Jungle Resort,well maintained for tourist.

Things to carry:

Mineral water bottles, food, first aid kit, some extra clothes and camera and so on.

Tips & Suggestions:

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:Chaitanya Nursing Home-Tarale,
Society/Community Phone Number