Navegaon National Park


The Navegaon National Park located in Navegoan, Gondia is one of the most popular forest resorts in the Vidarbha region. A picturesque lake with crystal clear water, stretching over an area of 11 sq. kms is set in the midst of hill ranges and can be approached through a series of winding trails. Strategically located, watch towers enable the visitor to Navegaon to catch a glimpse of the region's varied wildlife.Presence of the catchment area of the Katepurna reservoir attracts water birds. The Navegaon National Park is famous for the four-horned antelope and the barking deer as well.

It consists of a deer park, an aviary and three beautifully landscaped gardens. It is makes it a beautiful place with Water birds flying over the head all the time. The most commonly found species of animals include Samber, Barking deer, Wild Dog, Wild Boar, Chinkara, Blue Bull, Hyaena, Bear, Jungle Fowl, etc. nearly 60% of all the bird species found in Maharashtra are visible at this park.

Location info:

Address: Navegon,Gondia,Maharashtra,India
District: Gondia
Nearest City:
Best time to visit: April to May.


Temperatures are pleasant all round the year.It receives quite a bit of rainfall during the monsoons, which ranges form mid-June to September.


Navegaon National Park is located in the Navegaon area of Maharashtra, at a distance of approximately 150 km from Nagpur city. It is one of the most popular forest reveres of the Vidarbha region of the state and was established in the 18th century. Sprawled over an area of almost 135 sq km, the wildlife park comprises of a deer park, an aviary, 3 landscaped gardens and Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

Navegaon Lake that flows through Navegaon National Park with crystal clear water. A series of cascading trails leads one to the lake, which stretches over an area of somewhere around 11 sq km. There is also a watch tower inside the wildlife park, from where you can get awesome views of the entire region. The best time to visit Navegaon National Park is during the months of April and May.

Interesting things to do:

Safari in Navegoan National Park:
One can see tiger, panther, sambar, chital, langurs and other animals during the safari. Staying in a unique treetop house and riding a power or sailboat on the lake, are the other thrilling pastimes that the park offer.

Interesting things to Visit:

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary:
Navegaon is home for almost 60% of the bird species found in the entire Maharashtra. Thousands of beautiful migratory birds flock the lake every winter. While enjoying the jungle safari, one can see leopards, sloth bears, gaurs, sambars, chitals and langoors.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:
It is a home to large number of animal and bird species including the tiger, it lies in Gondia district of Vidarbha region.The sanctuary is 40 km away from Gondia and 100 km away from Nagpur.It consists of a range of Gaikhuri hills (highest altitude 511m) with small lakes within its boundary. The animals commonly spotted are Tigers, Panthers, Leopards, Bisons, Sloth Bears, Sambars, Four-Headed Antelopes, Blue Bulls, Chitals, Barking Deers, Mouse Deers, Civet Cats, Jackals, Jungle Cats, Spotted Hyenas, Wild Dogs and Hares. Among the birds that are prominent and commonly seen are Peafowl, the Grey Jungle Fowl and the Red Spur Fowl. The habitats of sanctuary include 34 species of mammals, 170 species of birds, 36 species of reptiles, 4 species of amphibians, and number of fishes. The invertebrate fauna includes, besides a number of insects and ant species, 49 species of butterflies.

Mobile range info:

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station: Deulgaon on Chandrapur-Gondia railway line is the 2 kilometers away from the park.
Nearest Airport: Nagpur that is 142 kilometers away from the park.
Road Transport:The nearest bus stand is Navegaon 10-km away from the park.The Navegaon National Park is well connected to major cities of Maharastra such as Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Pavel, and many more.


Nearest Visiting places:

1.Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary (60 km).
2.Itiadoh Dam (20km).
3.Tibetan Camp at Gothangaon (15km).
4.Pratapgad (15 km).

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Moreshwar Petrol Pump,Navegaon
Ph.NO O7132-222955


One can also enjoy staying at a unique treetop house, riding a power or sailboat on the lake, are thrilling pastimes.

Things to carry:

Tips & Suggestions:

1.Avoid venturing alone late at night. Whenever you are roaming around after dark, it is better to go in a group.
2.Do not be overfriendly with people like taxi drivers, auto drivers, tourist guides, etc.
3.Do not take out too much cash in a busy area. You will be engaging unnecessary attention and avoidable trouble.

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station: 100

Nearest Hospital:
B.G.W Hospital Ph.No 07182-222050
T.B Hospital Ph.No 07182-222188

Society/Community Phone Number: