Shriwardhan - Harihareshwar Beach


Shriwardhan-Harihareshwar Beach is the two unexplored beaches on the Konkan coastline. If you are an adventurous person and die on seafood delicacies, Shriwardhan Beach is the place where you should be.

The water is inviting and can be explored on a boat, sailing deep into the sea, cutting through the gentle winds. A small adventurous boat ride will take you to a place where Peshwas originally resided. Shriwardhan-Harihareshwar Beach is about 200km from Mumbai.

While Shriwardhan is a place for adventure and seafood lover, Harihareshwar is engulfed with tranquility and beautiful scenery. Harihareshwar has the famous Kalbhairav Shiv Temple. The other tourists’ attractions from here are Peshwa Smarak and Bankot Fort of Bagmandala, only at a distance of 4km.

Location info:

Address:200km from Mumbai.
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Best time to visit: Any Time.



Interesting things to do:

Photography,Can enjoy at the beach.

Interesting things to Visit:

Suvarnaganesha (Golden Ganesh) Temple: History of Suvarnaganesha is quite fascinating. It was on the special day of November 17th, 1998 (Sankashti Chaturthi as per the Hindu calendar) that there was found a copper box beneath the earth. It was weighing 30 kilos in a coconut cultivation near the temple. The box was muddy as it was buried and looked ancient.when the box was opened in presence of Govt Officials, there was a sculpture of Lord Ganesh made out of pure gold. Also the box contained ornaments belonging to Lord Ganesha. It was then that the god was named “Suvarnaganesh”.
Sundernarayan Temple: Also know as Rupnarayan temple, was believed to be built in the thirteen century, under the rule of King Shilahar. The idol is the best example of sculpture.

Seashore: At the back of the Sundernarayn temple, there sea-shore of about 4-5 kilometers. The soothing sand beneath, the sea in semicircle appears to be calling. Beach is safe for swimming as against its neighour - Harihareshwar Beach which is not that safe.

Shrivardhan Seashore: Kondivali beach (5 Kms from Shrivardhan) - clean and unmarked by footprints.

Birthplace of Peshwa Bajirao I: 5 kms from Shrivardhan

The 'Peshwa Smarak' is of interest to most people who visit Shriwardhan.

The Kuda caves near Tale are also worth your visit but are slightly off the road. Visiting Kuda while coming to Srivardhan is more convenient as it is on the way to Mhasala near Mangaon and you will only spend a few hours more.

There is also the Bankot fort at Bagmandala, four kms away from the town.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Mangaon on Konkan Railway
Nearest Airport:Nearest airport is Mumbai, 215 kms.
Road Transport:Mumbai by road is nearly 200 kms.

Nearest Visiting places:

  • Harihareshwar Temple & Beach
  • Suvarna Ganesh
  • Janjira fort in the sea
  • Dighi jetty & Shriwardhan - Big market for fresh fish.

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Things to carry:

Mineral water bottles, food, first aid kit,camera and so on

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Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:At the Nearest City.
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