Shivtharghal waterfall


Sahyadri is one of the toughest mountains in the world. You can enjoy it's beauty in various places. Shivthar Ghal is one of such places which can be accessed from Bhor-Mahad route after crossing Varandha Ghat. It is comparatively a small and rare place but must be seen and especially in the rainy season with lots of Waterfalls. Couple of decades before, the entire area was covered with thick jungle and wild animals including tigers and was virtually inaccessible.

Shivthar Ghal is a quiet abode, housing some lush green places, a lovely waterfall and a river and some of the toughest on foot, picturesque mountains. Ideal for trekkers, however the silence and the natural beauty here (which can be seen in all forms possible) can soothe one and all.Located in Raigad district of Maharashtra, among the Sahyadri range (right above the Varandha ghat), Shivthar Ghal is about 1000 metres above the sea level. The place, now well maintained by SundarMath Seva Samiti and Shri Samarth Seva Mandal, has very good facilities provided by them to all those who visit Shivthar Ghal.This place is surrounded by mountains from all sides with dense forests and wild life here contains Tigers, Leoperds, fox,monkey

Location info:

District: Raigad district
Nearest City: Mahad
Best time to visit: Monsoon



Whenever we talk about the era to which Shivaji Maharaj belongs, we cannot forget those ones who were behind the legendary hero. Shahaji Raje, Jijamata and of course, Samarth Ramdas Swami. The place where Ramdas resided after 1649 was a huge cavern, which came to be called as Shivthar Ghal (Ghal means cavern). This was where his famous "Dasbodha" was written. Adorned by exotic nature, this place is worth visiting.

The Mores ruled over the region of Javali where Shivthar Ghal is situated. This place is strategically important and very difficult to conquer. These people were serving Adilshah, but even he had no powerful control over them. Chandrarao was the title conferred upon them by Adilshah. Shivaji Maharaj defeated them and brought this region under his control in 1648. Ramdas Swami came to reside here in 1649, and stayed till 1660. Dasbodha was written here. Before proceeding on "Dakshin Digvijay", his great campaign in the southern India in 1776, Shivaji Maharaj took Ramdas Swami's blessings here. For many years this place was undiscovered. However in 1930, 300 years after Shivaji Maharaj was born, Shankar Krishna Dev, an eminent follower of Ramdas Swami, discovered this great pilgrimage


Interesting things to do:

Interesting things to Visit:

  • The cavern or the ‘ghal’ which requires surpassing of 100 odd steps is a must visit. Do spend some time in the divine atmosphere (meditating would be ideal) to perhaps feel the sanctity of the place.
  • A waterfall outside the cavern is a treat to eyes. Its best visited during monsoon. A river near the cavern can be a good are to play in groups.
  • The plateau above the cavern houses some remnants of an obsolete palace (palace of Chandrarao More, an enemy of Swarajya-a sworn one!!). Raigad, Rajgad, Pratapgad and Torna can be spotted from far.


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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:A train can be boarded on till Pune and a bus should be boarded till Mahad.
Nearest Airport:Pune Airport
Road Transport:Mumbai- 200KM /State transport buses

Nearest Visiting places:

  • Rajgad
  • Raigad
  • Pratapgad
  • Torna.

Nearest Petrol Pump:


You can grab some snacks at Bhor. No decent hotels beyond this point. The top of Varandha Ghat for the vista of the enchanting valley below.

Mahad has a lodge. Pune provides a wide range of options.

Things to carry:

Mineral water bottles, food, first aid kit etc. Not available on the fort, one has to make arrangement for his own food.

Tips & Suggestions:

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:Mahad taluka police station. Tel: 02145-222254. ////Mahad City police station. Tel: 02145-222149.
Nearest Hospital:Dhirubhai ambani hospital. Tel: 02192-255141/5.///Rural hospital of Mahad.////Mhathre hospital. Tel: 02143-252081/255874
Society/Community Phone Number