Ballaleshwar Temple


Ballaleshwar temple is on of the eight lord Ganesh temples, Ashtavinayak. Among Astavinayakas, Pali's Ballaleshwar is the only vinayak who is famous by his devotee's name. The Village Pali is at a distance of 30kms from Karjat in Sudhagad taluka of Raigad district. It is situated between fort Sarasgad and river Amba flowing on the other side. Among Astavinayakas, Pali's Ballaleshwar is the only vinayak who is famous by his devotee's name.This place is very famous and spiritually awakened. Pali comes in Konkan region and so there is greenery everywhere,coconuts and banana trees are abundant.

The original structure was built some 200 years ago and the present temple structure supplanted in about 1830. The lingam at Bhuleshwar is said to have miraculously risen to its position. The inner shrine also contains images of Parvathi and Ganesh.The Ganesh idol in the temple is 3 ft tall. His consorts Siddhi and Riddhi flank Ganesha's image. The eyes of the Ganapati are studded with diamonds.

There is also an extra Ganesh Temple, known as Dhundi Vinayak just behind the temple. The Peshwas in the temple installed a big Portuguese made bell. Adjacent airport is at Mumbai. Tourists can also access this place either from Panvel or Khopoli railway stations. It is easily accessible as number of buses ply from Mumbai and Pune connecting Pali. .

The temple complex encircles two lakes and is tiled throughout. There are two Sanctums(Gribhagriha) in the temple, an Inner and Outer Sanctum. The Inner Sanctum is 15 feet high, while the Outer Sanctum is only 12 feet high. The Outer Sanctum contains an idol in the shape of a rat which holds Modak in its hands while facing Ganesh. The main hall of the temple is 40 feet long and 20 feet broad. It contains 8 pillars which resemble the cyprus throne tree.

The immersion procession on the last day of ganesh utsav is a memorable experience that is worth witnessing. Temple volunteers perform free immersion of ganesh idols in a specially decorated boat for the occasion. One “gurjar” devotee proclaimed that he witnessed such a unique festival only for the first time ever in india

Location info:

Address: Pali
District: Raigad , Maharashtra,India.
Nearest City: Mumbai maharashtra India
Best time to visit: October & February


Between November and February, the skies are clear, and the temperature is cool.


Once Ballal went to forest along with other children for playing. They made a statue of Lord Ganesh and were so engrossed in performing his worship that they forgot everything even though it became dark. The parents of everyone became angry, they went to the forest where they saw Ballal and other children were playing and worshipping Lord Ganesha. They threw the idol and scattered the puja. Kalyan Sheth beat Ballal very much with the stick. Blood came out of his body. He left his son in that condition with his body fasten by rope. Kalyan Sheth asked his son, now let us see how your God will rescue you. He began to make his prayers to Lord Ganesh.

Interesting things to do:

For its immense beauty Raigad essentially remains a hiker’s paradise. Admirable trekking places exist all around Fort Raigad.
Birwadi - Raigad Trek:
Village Birwadi is 24-km away from Raigad. The trek is along the river Kal which makes the journey refreshing and enjoyable.

Interesting things to Visit:

Shani, Ketu and Rahu along with Hanuman.:
This small yet neatly maintained temple looks like a tiled house from the outside. Behind the main structure, there are other smaller shrines of S hri Dattatreya, Lord Shani, Rahu, Ketu along with Lord Hanuman. This place is an excellent haunt for buying souvenirs. Although similar stalls are present outside every temple, here there are wider ranges to choose from. The idols of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses are made from various materials like marble, glazed porcelain, wood pulp and are available in all sizes. Some statues are made from dry coconut shells and while others are chipped and painted on beetle nuts. These make unique gifts for all occasions.

Dagdusheth Halwai’s Ganpati temple.:
The festivities of Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati festival attract people from all over India and now in this age of liberalization and globalization from all round the world.

Ganpati temple in Saras Baug.:
The Temple Of Sri Ganesha in Saras Baug. The temple was the favorite of the Peshwas. The temple was originally built in the middle of a small lake, hence the name which literally means "Ganpati in the lake". The lake was later drained and a small park built on the former lake bed

The sunset enroute added to the pleasure.:
Having offered our prayers to the Lord and snacked on the local Batata Wadas, we set back for Pune, which was about 50kms from Ranjangaon. The ride back was a very smooth one and took us just about an hour.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Panvel, Khopoli Railwaystation
Nearest Airport:Mumbai , airport.
Road Transport:It is at a distance of 30 k.m. from Karjat. From Mumbai via Panvel and Khopoli, Pali is 38 k.m.. It is possible to go to Pali from Nagpthane on Mumbai – Goa highway

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Elephanta Island is one of the islands in Mumbai Harbor. The name Elephanta, was given by 17th C Portuguese explorers, after seeing a stone sculpture of an elephant near the shore. The rock-cut temple caves are the main and most popular tourist destination on the island.

Gateway of India:
The Gateway of India was opened in 1924 and the last British troops to leave India passed through the gate in a ceremony in 1948, making the gateway redundant.The Gateway is now a favorite hangout for locals and traditionally the first thing visitors see upon arrival in Mumbai.

Mani Bhavan:
Mani Bhavan was a focal point of Gandhi's political activities in Mumbai between 1917 and 1934. The rooms of Mani Bhavan remain untouched and in the same condition they were when Gandhi visited.Mani Bhavan now houses a research library, a photo exhibit of Mahatma Gandhi's life, and other well preserved memorabilia.

Nicknamed as the uptown bourgeois paradise, Juhu Beach is a place that attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year. Characterised by walkers, screaming children and courting couples, the beach covers an area of about 5 kilometres. Juhu beach is attractively studded with many five star hotels offering the customers a splendid view of the coast. The beach remains noticeably crowded on weekends. Moreover, the beach activities ike camel rides, pony rides, acrobats, performing monkeys and entertainers will keep you enthralled all the time. Keep away from hawkers.

Prince of Wales Museum:
The Prince of Wales museum is another major attraction of Mumbai. Built in the year 1914, it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape forming an ideal getaway for the people of Mumbai. The museum houses art, sculpture, rare coins, and old firearms and a priceless collection of miniature paintings. The Prince of Wales museum is regarded as one of the best museums in the country. The Prince of Wales museum is another major attraction of Mumbai. Built in the year 1914, it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape forming an ideal getaway for the people of Mumbai. The museum houses art, sculpture, rare coins, and old firearms and a priceless collection of miniature paintings. The Prince of Wales museum is regarded as one of the best museums in the country.

Hanging Gardens:
Mumbai Tourist Attractions, Mumbai Bombay attractions, Mumbai sightseeing, Mumbai places to visit,All inclusive India The Hanging Gardens makes another must see site in Mumbai. The park was built during the early 1880s over Mumbai's main reservoir at the top of the Malabar Hills. The reason of its location being to cover the water from the potentially contaminating activity of the nearby Towers of Silence. Located just opposite the Kamala Nehru Park, this terraced garden, also known as Ferozeshah Mehta Garden, is famous among the locals as well as tourists. The garden provides lovely sunset views over the Arabian Sea.

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The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower is located opposite the Gateway of India in Mumbai. Built in 1903, this landmark faces the harbor and is a striking monument on the waterfront. In 1973, the Tower Wing was added and the Taj Mahal Palace is a member of the 'Leading Hotels of the World'. Leisure activities offered at the Taj Mahal Hotel include swimming, use of the fitness center, golf, badminton, squash, billiards, tennis and table tennis.

Victoria Terminus:
Victoria Terminus was opened on January 1st, 1882 as the main railway station of Mumbai. Designed by F.W. Stevens, this Gothic building features carvings of peacocks, gargoyles, monkeys, and lions. Domes, turrets, spires and stained glass windows are other architectural items of note. The style of the Victoria Terminus is more like a cathedral than a railway station.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park (formerly Borivali National Park):
Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located north of Mumbai with virgin forests that have become a bird watcher's paradise. Over 270 species of birds have been recorded such as Jungle owlets, Golden orioles, magpies, robins, hornbills, herons, peacock, and woodpeckers. The best time to see the birds is from October to April.

Jain Temple: Jain temple of Mumbai also makes the interesting place to visit in the city. Located on the Malabar Hill, the Jain temple houses frescoes depicting various events in the lives of the 24 Jain Tirthankaras. It also has a black marble shrine decorated with celestial personifications of the planets painted onto the ceiling. A large number of devotees as well as tourists come here every day.

Chowpatty beach:
Chowpatty beach is situated at the top end of Marine Drive. It is the only beach in the central part of Mumbai. This beach is the venue where many Hindu religious ceremonies can be witnessed like the annual thread-tying ceremony initiating young boys into the Brahmin caste. Another festival 'Nariel Purnima' is celebrated towards the end of the monsoons. Here the idols of Ganesha are immersed on the last day of 'Ganesh Chaturthi.

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venus petrol pump at the mumbai-pune road


Lotus Suites Hotel :,Mumbai suburban, Maharashtra
Forest Lodge: ,Khopoli, Maharashtra


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Police Station:100
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RCF Hospital,Alibaug, Raigad, Maharashtra ,India
Khopoli Hospital,Khopoli, Raigad, Maharashtra,India
Rege Hospital,Raigad, Maharashtra,India
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