Kundalika River


The Kundalika is a small river flowing from the Hills of Sahyadri to the Arabian Sea. This river originates at a small town called Bhira in the Indian State of Maharashtra, 150 km south east of Bombay (Mumbai). The important towns located on the banks of Kundalika are Kolad, Roha and Salav.

River Kundalika is fed by the excess water from Tata Power's Mulshi Dam Project on to a series of hydroelectric projects and dams, including Ravalje followed by Bhira and then Dholvan, where the water is released in the morning typically at 6 am. The gush of the water reaches Sutarwadi at 7:30 am and water rises at Kolad at 10:00 am.

On the bank of River Kundalika are many retreats and farm houses with mango and watermelon as the chief fruit product and rice and nachni as the chief farm produce as the soil is very rich in minerals and the ample water via canals fed from River Kundalika's clean water.

Adventure lovers have found a unique way of enjoying the release of the dam water. Capitalising on the location near Mumbai, with its virtually undending source of adventure lovers, rafting is conducted on the river using the rapids generated by the rushing water released from the dam. Rafting of grade II and III can also be experienced over a 14Km circuit and can be enjoyed all day in the monsoon, or to coincide with the timing of the release of water from the dam during other times of the year. Rafting here is sometimes unavailable in the peak of summer, when the water becomes scarce.

Location info:

Nearest City: Bhira.
Best time to visit: During Monsoon,, when the water levels are good for rafting.


Climate is Pleasant.


Interesting things to do:

The Major attraction to this place is Rafting At Kundalika,Kolad,

Kolad is a spectacular location to experience the pleasure of white water river rafting. Kundalika river’s 14-kilometre stretch of exciting rapids will provide two and a half hours white water rafting. Rafting through the river calls for extreme courage and bravery. Water rafting in the river reaches its zenith during monsoon season since the water levels are high.

Kundalika River flows fully during the rainy season as it is one of Maharashtra’s highest rainfall areas. Also during the dry season there are releases from the dam upstream which make rafting possible. We run a safe 10 km stretch which has ten rapids ranging from Class 2 to Class 4. Apart from the excitement of Rafting, the dense evergreen forests make for a breathtaking ambience as the raft winds its way along the course of the Kundalika River.

Distance: 14 km on the water.
Duration: 2 to 2.5 Hours depending on the water flow.
Rapids: Ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 4.
Age Group: Minimum 14 years of Age with reasonable level of fitness.
Group Size Required: Please note that the minimum people required for Rafting is 6.

Interesting things to Visit:

Dholwal Dam:
It is a high utility Dam for irrigation purposes of the surrounding regions, is nested in the lap of the beautiful mountain range of Sahyadris in Kolad. The gushing water in the dam site is a nice view to be remembered for a lifetime. Dholwal dam’s majestic appearance has a breathtaking effect on the visitor. Dholwal dam is positioned itself in the backdrop of lusting green dense forests. The Dam is well maintained by the Irrigation Department of Maharastra.

Ghosala Fort:
An architectural splendor of yester years, Ghosala fort situates in between the Revdanda and Salav creeks. Situated on the isolated Roha Hills, this fort can be ascended from the northern side without much difficulty. Bounded by so many tiny creeks, the Ghosala fort looks marvelous when viewed from the northern side. Presence of two temples and a Darga in the fort evoke the curiosity of any visitor.

Tamhini ghat waterfalls:
It is also known as Valse, are a pretty attractive tourist destination near to Kolad in Maharashtra. Tamhini ghat bears many waterfalls through its hilly rocky terrains. Apart from the majestic waterfalls, the place offers breathtaking views and a peace, calm environment.

Bhira dam:
Popularly known as Tata Power house dam, is located in a small picturesque village with a marvelous waterfall nearby Kolad. The Dam, installed in 1927 by the Tata Power Company, is one among the biggest hydroelectric projects in India and the water from this dam is highly useful in irrigation purposes in the nearby villages. The power generated from this dam is the backbone of the many industrial activities in Mumbai Pune region.

Sutarwadi Lake:
Situated in the backdrop of the majestic Sahyadris, the beautiful Sutarwadi Lake in Kolad is a bird watchers delight. In the pristine and calm ambiance of this lovely lake, one can feel the call of the Mother Nature. Views of the sunrise and sunset are magnificient from the shore of the lake. Sutarwadi Lake is a nice destination for those who wish to be in the luxury of solitude.

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How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station: Kolad.
Nearest Airport: Mumbai,Pune.
Road Transport: Roads are well connected to major states.Local buses ply in and around the city.

Nearest Visiting places:

  • Kansai Waterfall (about 7 kms)
  • Hot Springs at Uddhar (9 kms)
  • Pali Ganesh Mandir (13 kms)
  • Trek to Sarasgad, Sudhagad
  • Alibaug Seaface (35 Kms)
  • Birla Salao Temple (52 Kms)
  • Bhira Dam (46 Kms)
  • Raigad Ropeway.(70 Kms)
  • Murud Jangira(93 kms)
  • Tamaani Ghats(Waterfalls)(48 Kms).


Nearest Petrol Pump:


There are lots of Hotels and Logdes in the city depending on the budget.

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Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station: 100
Nearest Hospital: Govt. and Pvt. hospitals are available in Bhira Town.
Society/Community Phone Number