Padmadurg is a fort in Maharashtra, India. It was built by shivaji to northwest of Janjira. Although it is not as big as Janjira but still a sea fort that can be visited and enjoyed.

Spread over a vast area of about 9 acres, Padmadurg Fort is regarded as one among the major sea forts in India. A monument of great historical importance, it is situated in Raigad District of Maharashtra. This famous fort is constructed by the great Marathas in order to conquer the Janjira Fort which lies near by.

Padmadurg Fort commemorates the repeated failure attempts of the mighty Marathas reigme against the tiny Siddis. Padmadurg fort which is now called as Kasa fort, spilt in to three by the ravage of time and now it is not accessible to the public. Ruins of this great fort can be seen from the seashore.

Padmadurg (Murud Peta), the Lotus Fort, also called the Kansa fort, commanding the entrance to the Rajpuri creek, was built about 1693 on a rock in the centre of the bay about two miles north-west of Janjira [About 1693 Kasa or Kansa is mentioned as one of the newly built forts of the Marathas. Elliot, VII. 355.]. The fort stands in 3½ fathoms water more than one mile from the main land. Its walls, which are pierced by a small gateway, are high and strong, and covered by six bastions about sixty feet apart. Above the bastions rise towers built in the shape of an irregular octagon of different sizes and are roofed in. Guns of various calibre lie about the fort and some are mounted on wooden gun-carriages in the towers. An attempt was made to build out-works on the sea side quite independent of the original fort, but they were never completed and are now in ruins. The water-supply is obtained from a large cistern which fills in rains and lasts through the dry season.The fort is irregularly shaped, following the outline of the rock on which it is built, and was some times used by the chiefs as a State prison for political offenders.


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District: Maharashtra state.
Nearest City: Mumbai
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Was built as a launchpad for an invasion of Janjira. Sambhaji never succeeded, and the fort turned into a ruin. At one point, it was even used as a jail. Janjira's original name, by the way, was 'Jalzeera' -- a combination of the Hindi word 'jal' (water) and the Arabic 'jazeera' (island). The region under the forts' jurisdictions came to be known as 'Padmadurg-Jalzeera', which was eventually corrupted to 'Murud-Janjira'.

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Photographers delight

Interesting things to Visit:

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary: It is a small sanctuary - all of 52.71 sq. km and was hunting preserve of the erstwhile Nawab of Murud. It is an unspolit forest area with thick vegetation. The Sanctuary is situated between Murud and Kashid.

Carambi Dharan (Dam), a picnic spot providing clean water through pipes to Murud throughout the year channeled from its natural springs.

Murud not Just means Beach's & Fort. it also has a Temple over the hill next to the New Bus Depot ( known as Datta cha Dongar) Hill of Lord Dattatray. one can have a paranormic view of murud & both the forts together from the hill.

Further ahead of the hill is an idga, the walk though the dense jungle is a experience in itself.

On a hillock to the north is the shrine of Lord Dattatraya, the three heads representing Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara

And just a few kilometers away are two undiscovered beaches : Nandgaon and Kashid.Nandgaon is famous for its Ganapati temple and the annual fair held in honour of this elephant headed god every February.

Alkapuri, a picnic spot favored for its lush green vegetation.

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Nearest Railway Station:Mumbai/Konkan Railway/nearest railhead is at Panvel 122 km away
Nearest Airport:Mumbai International Airport.
Road Transport:Mumbai for Murud/Have to take a ferry.

Nearest Visiting places:

  • The Casa Fort
    This is located on another island.
  • The Janjira Caves
  • The Temple of Lord Dattaraya
  • Alibagh Beach
  • Kashid Beach
  • Nandgaon Beach

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  • Hotel Sea Face
  • Sahil lodge.
  • Golden Swan Beach Resort

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Mineral water bottles, food, first aid kit,camera and so on

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Police Station:100
Nearest Hospital:At the Nearest City.
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